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06-03-2018 at 02:34 PM
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Atari 2600 Asteroids marathon by William Rosa and teebee_303

They are both fast approaching the 10 million point mark. Williams at 8.4 and teebee is at 9.9
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  1. stygian's Avatar
    TeeBee 303 has now taken over top spot on Asteroids 1B on the TG scoreboard. Congrats! Bill is not too far behind him in passing the 10M submitted by MMorrow back in the day.
    Here's something for them to shoot for: KDexter had claimed 16,260,120 on PAL, I found this on the ataricompendium pages - under Atari VCS owners club bulletin. Of course there is no proof of this, but it's worth taking down.
    I wish Alex 163 rollovers of endurance.
    I wish Bill 16.3M points of endurance.
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  2. Marcade's Avatar
    As of this post:

    Alex ended his game, with a score of 10,503,110 ( 105 rollovers)

    William Rosa is still going with 9,300,000 plus (93 rollovers)

    Congrats to both!!!
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