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06-18-2018 at 07:16 PM
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Mame Pole Position

I am opening up discussion on something that will come up in the future. Earlier and later versions of mame allow the player to go at full speed. Mame 106 doesn't allow the speed to go to max, it actually maxes out at 225 mph or 360 kph. This isn't really the biggest thing though. The game also awards random points per lap, usually around 70 per lap including the qualifying lap. So 4 race laps and 1 qualifying lap add up to 350 points on average. In later or future releases of mame when they get the emulation down to nearly perfect and fix this anomaly you will no longer be awarded these points. The settings are correct it's just that the gas pedal isn't allowed to go all the way down and so you don't get full acceleration. There is a setting that only allows you to get 225 but the game play would change and wouldn't be the same equivalent.

In arcade it's supposed to go to something like a value of 90 to A0, but in 106 it only goes to 8F and in other versions of mame it goes to 90. Only +1 to the value is enough to give full gas.

That being said old scores have an advantage and a disadvantage. They are awarded 350 extra points but they can't go full speed. The disadvantage is that new scores will take advantage of the correct speeds and score higher than these earlier scores.

My suggestion is to create another track and preserve this one. Add some rules to each one stating that this current track is only for submissions using wolf106. The other track is for versions that allow you to have full acceleration. We can figure out when that first started to happen in later versions and make a note of it. Another rule for the newly created track would also be that you don't get any of the extra bonus points. So if you finish the race your base score would be 54000 or 54010 depending on if your score ends in a (00 or 50) or if it ends in (10 or 60). Then you would just subtract some scoring stuff and get the answer to the final score. Problems with this rule is that maybe you don't finish the race and only get 3 laps or something. At that point you would just subtract 70 points for qualifying and each lap you did finish. So if you end anywhere on a lap, early or close to the end you would be able to keep those points and just subtract the points from completed laps. Reason for this rule is that in future versions of mame if they correct this scoring bug we won't have to separate the track again. I guess we need that rule put in also, so that if future versions of mame fix bug you keep all your score.

Anyways would like some feedback from the community and intervention from TG on this.
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  1. mrvaya's Avatar
    I agree with you entirely. The only reasonable thing to do is to separate the tracks now and make sure we do not have to do it again.

    Can we be sure everything else is emulated correctly atm?
  2. Barra's Avatar
    Have we got any idea why the extra points are added? I was watching Karsten playing last night and he was getting between 80 and 120 per lap. He had 500 extra points at the end of the race
  3. mrvaya's Avatar
    Yeah after finishing my first crashless run in mame I have come to realize how weird the point system is. So there only seem to be 10 mystery points on arcade (some base scores are awarded 10 points more than the regular 10,000 per lap and 4,000 for the pole position resulting in base scores of either 54,000 or 54,010). Mame have the same kind of mystery points in increments of 10 points but not limited to only 10 point. When comparing gameplay it seems to be the only difference between arcade and mame.

    But where does those mystery points come from on both platforms and how are we gonna make a comparable mame track with the same dip settings as arcade?
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