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06-10-2019 at 12:29 PM
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GalaGala at Pincadia

The GalaGala was held at Pincadia in Brisbane Australia May 28-30th. Qualifying was held on Saturday and finals was on Sunday. Top 4 players for each hemisphere would do battle head to head in a series of 4 matches. Rank 4 players battled first and then up to the 1st ranked player on each team. If any team scored 3 points they would win otherwise the winner of the ranked 1 match would decide the winner. The game is played to round 31 finishing with the the last bonus stage, played on Rank A, the easiest difficulty of the game.

We chose our team for the Northern Hemisphere. Mike Thompson, Jordon Dorrington, John McAllister, and Dwayne Richards, we all flew in on Wed to get acclimated and practice. Practice went well, we all improved our scores and worked out some problems in our game. We were ready to go to battle on Sunday going in as the favorite team. Dwayne decided to be our 4th ranked player and started the match off.

1st match Dwayne Richards vs
The scores were very close all the way throughout the game. The other player finished his game first and all Dwayne had to do was score a few more points. He got down to his last ship and pulled out the victory by a 1000 points or so.

2nd match John McAllister vs Rob Macauley
This match wasn't all that great for me. Mcaualy came out clearing the rounds at a very fast pace and put distance between us. I was pressing for points and taking my time. Robert was in the process of finishing his game and I was nearly 150k or so behind when my game fell apart. I had pressed for too long and soon was down to 1 ship needing 50k or so for another life. I got to within a 1000 points but the boss ship beamed me up and my game was over. I made it to round 21 and Rob finished his game.

3rd match Jordan Dorrington vs Derek Broadfoot
I was off steaming away my failure to contribute a win for the team while this match took place. The scores were very close all through the match. Both players were doing very well with ships in reserve throughout the game. Jordan finished first and put up a score that couldn't be beat. Derek ran into some trouble on the last stage and was down to his last ship but finished the game.

4th and final match Mike Thompson vs Andrew Barrow
This match was being looked forward to by all looking back we should have done a best of 3 for this one. The match started off with both players pressing for points very solidly. Bara missed an early perfect in the bonus stage and the scores remained tight for the first 20 rounds or so. Mikes game started going bad at round 20 and 21 where he lost 5 ships in 2 rounds and the game was over. There was a $1,000 bounty for highest score of event so Barra continued to play, he finished with the 2nd or 3rd highest score of the event.

Summing things up we have the Southern Hemisphere winning the match with the score being 2-2 with the rank 1 player winning the final match to cement the victory. Going in we thought that we should win this event pretty easily, we had the practice, we had the advantage of being a team that new each other. Strange how things actually work in the real world though. In theory everything was good but when it came down to the actual playing of the match some of us performed and others didn't. I chalk it up to too much changing up of our strategy of point pressing and not enough playing the game to finish the match.

This is the first time that I have been involved in a team event for an arcade game. The format was unusual and unique but it was spot on for an event like this. I hope that in the future there are more team events like this one. This event is the first one that I have attended that was out of the country, so there was a lot of traveling, some 30 hours worth of airport, flying, and getting to and from event. It was all worth it and I would do it again for this event.

Our host Tanya was the best. She put in so much time and effort to make this an event to remember. She made sure we were taking care of, rides to and from airport, food and drink at the bar, all the pinball and video games we could want. Thanks Tanya and all your other helpers that helped make this such a special event for me and others.

I had a great time practicing and playing for the event, spending time with my teammates and discussing game play and tactics. I spent many hours playing pinball in between playing Galaga. I set 3 top scores on the high score list that Pincadia has. Spent many more hours trying to take more scores but kept coming up short but had a great time in the process. Should have spent more time playing Galaga and learning how to get to the finish.

I'm in Seattle and some of us know what a shithole the city has become lately. My buddy had a client from NY and they said that it is worse here than there. Over in Brisbane Australia where we were at was super clean, colorful, and friendly. It was one of the nicest places that I have visited lately and would love to go back.

I'll provide some links when they become available.


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  1. Barra's Avatar

    This was definitely one of the best events I've been to. It rivaled Score Wars in pretty much every department.

    I really enjoyed playing Galaga differently to what I'm used to from the past 15+ years of playing.
    But the best part was of course hanging out with all of the awesome people! Tanya/Pincadia were absolutely amazing. Can't speak highly enough of them. If anyone is ever in Brisbane, be sure to check it out!!

    Really hope this event happens again next year. Would love to try and defend the title over in enemy territory :)

    @redelf Dwayne played Mike Coolican in round 1

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