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03-13-2021 at 12:36 AM
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Circus Charlie. Proposing rule change of difficulty settings.

It has come to my attention that some of the top scores for Circus Charlie were done on other difficulty settings, mainly hardest. The only difference that I have looked into is for the horse stage where you can get the most points. From easy, normal, hard, to hardest the trampolines are spread out in the same pattern as best as I can tell but they are closer together as the difficulty increases. This allows you to continue to jump from one trampoline to the next without getting back onto your horse, allowing you to score a higher amount of points for each stage. This just makes it so that if you can max out the game you can do it much quicker than if you played on the correct settings. You don't have to sit and play the trapeze level at all to max the game out.

I'm not sure if we can gain access to all the inps and determine which settings the game was played on for each individual. I have looked at 3 of them and 2 have been on hardest and 1 on normal.

The difference in time is anywhere from 30min to 1hr of extra play to max it out and having to play the trapeze level which takes a long time to play and for most people pretty hard. At around 900k and again at another point in the 900k range you start receiving extra men every time you score points for several minutes.

With this I'm proposing that the rules for this game be changed to user choice on difficulty.

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  1. JJT_Defender's Avatar

    Creating another track with these new rule TGSAP

  2. redelf's Avatar

    Don't want, don't need, don't care for another track.

    Let's just fix this track.

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    Would you keep or dispute the current records during referee era ?

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