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05-12-2021 at 03:40 PM
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Causes of lag and fixes in MAME

I'm at a loss. Some games are just fine and others are just horrible.

I loaded up Centipede for the MGL and it's unplayable with a trackball. I tried it in W106 and it was somewhat better but I noticed that if I put it into full screen mode that it messed it up. The frame rate went down to around 10 frames per seconds instead of the 60. I messed with all sorts of settings and got the frame rate fixed but the lag is still horrible.

Does anyone know why this happens and if so what can be done to fix these issues.

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  1. lexmark's Avatar

    Thanks for bringing this up, John. I'm interested in a fix too. For what it's worth, Windows 10 on two of my IDENTICALY spec'd computers makes Wolf 106 play like s*hit. I mean REALLY bad lag! I'm talking about computers hooked up to the internet used daily in two separate locations.

    Windows XP on old computers worked fine for me.

    I'd be interested knowing the set up that the top MAME DK players use. What I'm trying to say is that JUST the smallest amount of lag isn't going to get you far when you are playing at the highest level, or going for a highest level score.

    It looks to me that there is a fine line between tuning/synchronising the software with the hardware for optimum performance??

    Looking forward to any advice. :)



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  2. datagod's Avatar

    I had great success with WolfMame and Windows 10. All my submissions (not many, I know) for MAME were that setup. I had no issues with lag. I would play full screen mode on a second monitor which was actually an arcade CRT inside a Neo Geo cabinet. I used a specail (old) ATI graphics card that could pump out a 15khz signal. However, even when I played on a big LCD TV I didn't get any lag.

    Could it be due to a high resolution setting?

  3. evan04's Avatar

    Hi John,

    You can change the trackball sensitivity in the 'Analog Controls' hope this helps cheers.

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  4. francoisadt's Avatar

    Hi Everyone

    I had the same problem running wolfmame on dell laptop with an onboard intel grphics card and a secondary nvidia gtx1070.

    When running newer versions of wolfmame and it uses much more graphics processing and allways cause stutter, sometimes in wolfmame 106 as well. When using windows xp pc no problem at all running wolfmame 106.

    What I realize in newer versions of wolfmame HSLS was aded to simulate CRT, this takes lot of graphics processing. So it provide a means to specifically runs a game at spesific resolution and frequency refresh rate.

    For some games it helps to set the resolution per game in commandline not auto. Not all games run best with same resolution depends what screen resolution and freq refresh rate combination your monitor can handle.

    See a very detailed explanation here on site, look for article "Display Optimizations", resolution per game. Allthough a very old post it still explain the principle of running spesific resolutions per game according your graphics card capability.

    Then also check behaviour changing video settings frim auto to d3d or direcdraw or opengl. Older games previosly added with old wolfmame releases ryns better when I do use directdraw (32bit) or opengl.

    On the contrary with new versions of wolfmame disable HSLS will increase performance by disable the extra video functions in wolfmame which is maybe what you also have to try out.

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  5. francoisadt's Avatar

    To add, Windows xp pc uses video option 32bit which uses directdraw or d3d. I think directdraw is tge default? I wonder what a virtual machine hosting windows xp on windows 10 pc will do? Also stutter or not?

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    explanation of display optimizations

  7. francoisadt's Avatar

    Example test video options:

    in mame. ini under heading


    video auto

    change it to

    video d3d ....then run it

    now change it to

    video ddraw it

  8. francoisadt's Avatar

    Confirmation from this forum, disable all extras new video stuff in newer mame versions make an improvement..

  9. redelf's Avatar

    Thanks for all the suggestions guys, but it's not video stuttering or lag it's input lag.

    When trying to move the cursor in Centipede it takes several frames before it responds. When you try to stop at a certain place it goes by to the next mushroom row over. Pushing the fire button also take several frames before it responds.

    Some games are way worse than others, Centipede is really bad.

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  10. francoisadt's Avatar

    Ok, AsteriodsMachine..

    You mean that a game awaits input signal to be procesed before rendering the next frame, so movements in previous frames are not yet rendered while the game push to the next frame?

    It does not make sense it is only input lag causing the probleming, because why on windows xp there is no problem at all and in windows10 these tearing out of sync occur?

    So maybe its both, out of sync refreshrate of game rendering request with monitor and secondly windows input device delay?

    interesting note: on another forum I have read a user have bought a FreeSync type monitor which allow for variable refreshrate do solves this problem.

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  11. francoisadt's Avatar

    If it hardware (cpu or graphics card or monitor ir keyboard) response or software (windows operating system xp vs 98 vs win10), one probably need to run and test all software differences on the problem atform. Maybe running various virtual machines for each os, xp vs 98 on the win10 as host will confirm if it is the win10 pc hardware that is the problem if the vms run 100l%

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