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07-08-2021 at 01:21 AM
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Recent Food Fight World Record

Here are some stats of Justin Emory's awesome game play.

@admin staff could you please add this to his submission.

HourLevelLivesScoreLevels per hourScore per hourLives earnedBoards per life


Tournament -

Marathon -

37 year old record was beaten by Justin Emory. He had made at least 8 prior documented attempts at beating this record. Starting in April of 2018 looks like one of his first attempts. Resuming in April of 2021 he again made multiple attempts at the record and on his final attempt in July of 2021 succeeded in surpassing the old record. Along the way he also set a new record on the Tournament track with 5 lives with a score of 1,424,400. Started submitting scores on the tourney track in Feb of 2017 and in March of 2018 had the record. Both records stood for a very long time and I never thought either would ever be broken. When I first learned of the 5 lives record being taken down and hearing that he was going for the marathon record as well it was only a matter of time. Took over 4 years of dedication to break both records. Very impressive gameplay along the way and was great to watch his improvement over time.

Awesome job man, was a pleasure to be a part of the journey and to see two records go down. Do you plan to take down any other records?

  1. Jlemory1's Avatar

    Wow!! Thank you so much for putting these stats together. Very cool. I always wanted to marathon an arcade game, but was never good enough until now. I appreciate all the encouragement and tips you threw my way, it helped. As far as what to play now, I am not sure. I will probably always play food fight some, but maybe I will try some Zookeeper or Indiana Jones. I really got into playing Food Fight when I played it at the ACAM tournament in 2011. I am pretty sure I said hello to you back then as I recall you were killing the Road Runner machine right next to the Food Fight as I was playing . Again, thanks for the time you put in adjudicating my runs and putting these stats together.


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  2. Barthax's Avatar

    Awesome dedication towards a single goal. :D

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  3. RTM's Avatar

    Wow, 5 boards per life THAT deep into the game...most impressive !! Great write-up and analysis :)

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  4. datagod's Avatar


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  5. evan04's Avatar

    Congrats @Jlemory1

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  6. JJT_Defender's Avatar

    You have all The World Records for arcade Food Fight congratulations Justin Emory

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  7. Garrett Holland's Avatar

    ... across multiple platforms. Here's the Atari 7800 leaderboards. Domination.

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  8. Jlemory1's Avatar

    It's been a fun ride!! I appreciate all the kind words

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