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Nintendo Wii Virtual Console
Metal Slug Neo Geo - Points 2,226,750 1 view leader board
Metal Slug 2 Neo Geo - Points 3,518,370 1 view leader board

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Hi, if anyone could be so helpful as to link to a page or mention what the policy is on submitting for a game using an import version. Being specific, I am planning on using Famicom games using a converter to play on my original NES.

Cause boy, I won't be paying $100+ for a NES cart only

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What if I want to add a new track but I don't want to be listed as a founder if the proposed track is accepted?
Hey everyone. So I just had some Gameboy games join my collection recently. I have a Gamecube + Gameboy Player I can play them on. However, I am the second owner of this player that never came with a disc (of course). Seeing how overpriced they were. I went a different direction and bought a Action

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How I spend my Lunch-Breaks

02-07-2018 at 01:05 PM 0 Comments
Even though Lunch Time was only for 30 minutes. It was enough take a bite out of the board each time. Also, yes this was done by me even though the initials are MS! (for Metal Slug!) instead of the usual RS! initials (stand for Retro-Shark!) that I leave behind. This was played off of a pirated copy

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Hooray, my first submission has just become my first world record as well! This is great and can't wait to continue making new ones. However, I also lost my first credibility points recently. Due to voting the opposite to the majority, no? Nope, I lost points due to a submission I voted on was cancelled.

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