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05-22-2017 at 05:05 PM
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I can have my cake but not eat it

Hooray, my first submission has just become my first world record as well! This is great and can't wait to continue making new ones. However, I also lost my first credibility points recently. Due to voting the opposite to the majority, no? Nope, I lost points due to a submission I voted on was cancelled. Sure I got the notification that the submission was cancelled, but I never knew further action on my part was required. I thought I was just notified and that was it, nothing to it. Unfortunately I learned the hard way that that is not the case for cancellations. In conclusion to all this, I am glad my first submission was accepted and I'm not asking for a refund of credibility points but I do hope TG makes an addition to their "Help and Tutorials" page or add a note to the cancellation notifications that voters receive that they will lose points if they do not cancel their vote. It's already too late for me but for anyone new who joins.
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