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08-21-2018 at 03:11 PM
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The Retro Side-Challenge presented: The DK Tour

So this last weekend. I attended another small meetup of Nintendo enthusiasts and while there I sometimes host a small event called the Retro-Side Challenge. Getting older and new players to compete and discover old classics (?) (Well most of them are classics) with Virtual Console or my NES. They vary from small speed runs, high score competitions, 1vs1 tourneys and more. This last one was The DK Tour (short for Donkey Kong Tournament but also a tour of his entire NES career excluding his cancelled musical game of course). A round based tourney that consisted playing through all 4 NES DK games (including the infamous Math). Decided I wanted to share some snaps for the first time of these challenges. Banner Used for ChallengeThe banner I made for the challenge. Then the snaps below -

I'm thinking a 1vs1 GameBoy Tetris tourney is incoming...

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