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08-21-2018 at 11:01 PM
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New Track & Submission Waiting to Happen

Hey TG, wow two posts in one day, I must be post spamming. Well hopefully it’s not seen that way but anyway. I have a new run waiting to be submitted but I gotta first make the track for it. It involves Dig Dug for the NES, NOT. For Famicom, I got the cart but played it on my NES using Hyperkin’s Famicom to NES Adapter. Anyway the actual Famicom game is already in the system thanks to someone who uploaded a Emu score -

So I’ll just be making a new track. Now this is the point of this topic, I want to make a track that allows other players to follow suit by playing Famicom games on the NES. What would sound better for the track title? Would it be: NES - Points, Famicom on NES - Points or simply Famicom - Points? Now the first option is somewhat supported by TG itself as seen here on the Virtual Console release of the game -

The track is labeled as NES -Points when in fact it should be Famicom - Points as the original Dig Dug never made it to the states. So the first option is supported or is actually wrong and needs to be fixed.

Now the second option - Famicom on NES says it all. You are playing a legit Famicom game on legit NES. Plain and simple.

Lastly we have Famicom - Points. Take for example most consoles/ handhelds with backwards compatibility. Just because we play a PS1 game on a PS2-3 doesn’t mean we have a track of that PS1 relating to what other console you used. Or playing a Gameboy game on a Super Gameboy or a GB Player. The Gameboy is not listed under. Super or GB player track.

So I hope you guys take kindly to giving this a chance as it’s the same or basically the same controls as a Famicom would have and the whole regional differences wouldn’t be an issue as this game doesn’t have NES counterpart. As I would like to buy more similar Famicom only or games with sufficient differences and drop records for them. So let me know about the track naming and if you support, thanks!

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    You are over complicating. Just add a new track under the existing Dig Dug and call it "NTSC - Points". The platform is for NES and Fami because it is the same thing. You don't need to separate them out.

    Precedence has been set here:

    Ice Climber "Points", there are submissions for this track on both a NES and a Fami

    Quarth "Points", my submission is playing a Fami rom on a NES

    Hell most of my NES subs are Fami

    I feel like there is another one I'm not thinking of

    As far as the adapter, I'm not aware of any submissions using one. But that shouldn't matter, all its doing is acting as a pass-through, exactly like Nintendo's own in cart adapters.

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    The only time we would want to make a distinction between the two is if there is a difference in the game between US/JP.

    Ninja Gaiden III comes to mind as the US version has a higher difficulty than JP.

    Also in the case of speed runs, the two should be separated as you can generally scroll though Japanese text faster than English. This came up not too long ago on a Mega Man X speed run submission.

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    Historically, Fami games were generically not permitted to be co-mingled pre 2015. The problem currently with the NES/Fami situation is it's all case-by-case basis and at the whim of the adjudicators in TGSAP. If the author of a track wants both NES & Fami co-mingled then creating the track has the perfect opportunity: write that specifically in the rules.

    Otherwise, it's just "NTSC - Points" as above. :D

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    It's finally here guys. Please check it out here -

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    Also, thanks for your help/ input as well!

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