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03-19-2019 at 09:07 PM
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Paging Dr. Admin Staff

@admin staff

The website has been having stomach cramps digesting my log-ins, an issue that's gone on for a few weeks now where the site keeps logging me off on both mobile and desktop (No app use). It logs me off whether I tick or not the "stay signed in box". On mobile it just signs off when I minimize the web browser and when on desktop will sign out when I exit chrome.

Then the site has temporary vision loss whenever I visit my Friends tab on my profile page. I click on the tab and the initial friend category will display correctly, but when I click on following or followers its just blank displaying nothing.

P.S. I tried detailing this to you through your personal "PM pager" but I got no response so now I must page you by your "public work pager" the aches and pain which don't make an interesting wall post imo.

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  1. RaGeNyC's Avatar

    Yea, every time I close my browser, I get logged out here, too. It started two weeks ago after I cleared my cashe.

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  2. admin staff's Avatar

    We are looking into this issue . Will resolve and update you here

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  3. Retro-Shark's Avatar

    @admin staff Any updates for any of the two problems?

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