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05-18-2021 at 08:53 PM
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All I want is some quiet so I can video my games...

My house is sooooooo friggin loud I can rarely video without some kind of interruption. I usually video upstairs with the door closed. The only time I can video downstairs is at like 2:00am in the morning on the weekends when everyone is sleeping. So how is it with you all? When you guys video your games do you have constant noise going on? Do you all ever have to scrap videos due to the family noise? What say you? :-)

  1. Pixe Sukola's Avatar

    I live by myself and my girlfriend comes visit me two days a week, so I basically have the house to do whatever I want 5 days a week. I remember when I moved out of my parent's house and into mine, and my cousin came to visit and said "I thought you would have your video games set in your bedroom not in the living room" and I said: "The whole house is my bedroom now".

    But I know what you are talking about, even tho' I'm the only person in the house when I record my games, there is still noise and sometimes just too much. That's one of main the reasons I love direct capturing my stuff, I don't want all the other noise being recorded, like my stupid neighbor's 6 dogs barking or the incredibly loud noise of the cicadas, which starts at 6 am and only ends when the sun is gone. Fortunately in only lasts from April to June and it's not a year round thing. And also I like to listen to a radio show or a TV show while playing, so direct capture solves all that.

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  2. sdwyer138's Avatar

    I generally play from 8 or 9pm to maybe 1230 or 1 am daily. If I want to attempt for a submission here, it is after my wife is asleep at 1030 or 11 pm.

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  3. Rickster8's Avatar

    Lol, in the past few weeks I've had to quit videos because of my son flushing the toilet upstairs when I was videoing. There are 3 bathrooms, he chose the one right next to where I was recording. Same bathroom the other day, wife came in and blew her nose, LOUDLY!!! Game dead lol. Tonight my wife and oldest son got into a huge argument. People down the block heard it, video DESTROYED!!!! Not to mention I live with a family of vampires that never EVER sleeps...... Uggghhhhh :-(

    Daniel, not sure what direct capture is, but I record with my cellphone, lol pretty basic stuff, but it picks up EVERYTHING!!! I even have to watch out for my cats who have jumped in front of my TV while videoing. (rolls eyes emoji).....

  4. sdwyer138's Avatar

    Bro, no matter what happens on your recording, just remember @stevejwiebe had his kid screaming to wipe their butt!!

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  5. Luigi Ruffolo's Avatar

    Long attempts (thirty minutes or more) are the main issue. Sometimes I'm maybe close to beat a long-chased record then "something happens"... hence I have to swear like a trooper (but just whispering, lol). So I usually must face this kind of challenge very late in the evening (no phone calls and all... but it's when cats get crazy, so maybe one of them will jump unannounced on the keyboard while I'm playing, lol).

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  6. Barthax's Avatar

    I record in our living room and I get grandkids visiting. Direct capture and muting the microphone works especially if there's some Disney or Marvel (grandson loves Marvel!) movie playing in the background :P In the past I've edited the videos to mute sections where conversations have been "too" private also - you don't have to stop recording because of the background audio. ;)

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  7. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    I got REALLY lucky with my last move-wound up with a big room all to my own, it's actually a converted garage, not the most insulated room in the house, but it's my domain, and I'm typically left to my own devices in here.

    I usually wait for Wife to get going in the morning before I try to concentrate, she has a flexible schedule so I try to be available for "See ya later"(and so she doesn't screw me up mid game... :D ).

    Mostly I have to slack off on the weekends and evenings, that's when my Kids/Grandkids tend to come over, and that pretty much provides the gamut of what has been mentioned here, haha, spending time with them, random Family activities/discussions, fussin' and cussin'(not me, I actually only cuss at games, and even then, is only a conditioned thing because it's somewhat funny, I REALLY didn't used to, for those that are new).

    (Seriously, Rick-Stygian used to occasionally call me the No Swear Gamer, I was such a...wuss.).


    Since you are pretty exclusively doing INT, I wouldn't worry too much about direct capture, unless you were ready to go all out, multiple vids on-screen stuff-the direct capture videos exactly what's on a screen, no external, so you wouldn't be able to show hardware and stuff.

    Direct capture would be like when I play EMU stuff, and you just see my PC desktop, as opposed to my Hardware stuff, where I have an active camera that i can move around.

    In your case(INT), Glenn has some pretty good examples of how you'd use Direct Capture, and still have hardware vids going on-OH-my MASH EMU, recently, where I had the camera(sorta)showing me pressing the number to start the right game?

    Something like that!

    TBH, I am somewhat oblivious to my surroundings when I play, and I don't really completely rewatch my vids before posting-I'm sure there is some fussing and cussing to be heard, if one were inclined to listen closely.

    (Last thing).


    Man, some of my accidental best scores have came first thing in the morning, bleary eyed, barely awake-almost...not "screwed up by the day" yet(sorry, Terr).

    So mebbe, as sucky as it kinda seems-set the alarm for 4:30 AM, right as they go to sleep, see how the scoring goes!!!

    (I think @nads prescribes to the early morning theory, as well...).


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  8. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    I probably should elaborate on my current situation, as well, haha, tho @RaGeNyC the meteorite hater might bust on me for irrelevance(tho it TRULY is...).

    Again, relatively heavy Family Activity around here, "close", but keep in mind, close things smack into each other a lot(lol), I don't keep much of a social life, I just don't go out, "party" a lot or anything, kinda tame.

    Some may have seen small references to this already-

    Friends here keep me going and stuff, for sure, not at all lonely, but I saw a listing from a breeder for a baby Conure, relatively closeby-mentioned it to Wife, who is actually more freaked out by birds than she is spiders, and she almost insisted I jump on it-my Mom had one, it was theor Family pet after I moved out for about 20 years.

    So I got her, 8 weeks old, basically on a whim...


    Like spiders, evidently there's different type Parrots, by species, predictable behaviors.

    I guess I didn't realize that Conures were up there with hedgehogs and spider monkeys, haha, as far as needy-assed pets!!!


    Some birds will sit happily in a cage-Conures won't. I guess they are known to be loud and bang on the cage all the time-it's 'cause they don't want to be in one, haha, I literally have a bird that will go in it's cage to sleep, thassabout it.

    She has a super decked out playground that she'll use to "watch the birdies"(quoting MYSELF!), but for the most part she just wants to be on my shoulder/in my hair, etc, etc(I'd planned a haircut, but she is attached to it, sooo...).

    I haven't got to sub much lately, most of my attempts have been the Coleco Skiing, and the scoreboard is jacked up(!!!), but she jumps from the playground to me several times and screws up good runs, haha, so going forward it's something I'll have to think about/plan for/train better.

    She IS well-behaved, could be worse, but(on topic, here!!!), I truly didn't think getting a new pet would compromise my gaming to any degree, but for sure, it's like I have another appendage that I have to keep track of, with a mind of it's own, tho I still have to be "aware".

    Her name is Sissy, BTW. Except during her Hormonal(look it up)-then she's Pecker.


    Dang Bird...

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  9. datagod's Avatar

    "Daddy! Stop playign donkey kooooooooong! wipe my butt!"

    "DEREK!!!! So sorry guys"

    -- king of kong

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  10. RaGeNyC's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Rogerpoco
    My wife is flexible



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  11. Barthax's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Rogerpoco

    She IS well-behaved, could be worse, but(on topic, here!!!), I truly didn't think getting a new pet would compromise my gaming to any degree, but for sure, it's like I have another appendage that I have to keep track of, with a mind of it's own, tho I still have to be "aware".

    LOL, my cat definitely does: he makes an appearance in several of my GT footage and shreds my hand for ignoring him. :P Feed me, feed me now!!

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  12. Rickster8's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Barthax

    LOL, my cat definitely does: he makes an appearance in several of my GT footage and shreds my hand for ignoring him. :P Feed me, feed me now!!

    My cat sleeps right next to where I video upstairs and numerous times he will stretch and his paws will come into view of the camera... Sometimes him snoring can be heard on the video as well. The worst though is when he decides to jump onto the table I am videoing from. The phone always gets knocked off kilter and usually kills the recording.... :-(

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  13. bensweeneyonbass's Avatar

    I've definitely included runs where you can hear my family in the background. If it's just me watching the two boys there'll usually be several scuffles and some issues surrounding the need to go to the bathroom. But as long as you can't hear me telling my kids to get back in their cells or the sounds of gunfire, I say just let it roll :)

    Honestly though if you're in the middle of a good run and background noise kills it for you, you can just mute the run. I would personally accept a muted run from you.

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