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09-08-2014 at 08:30 PM
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System Love, Vol. 9

Every once in a while, a relationship can get stale. Fair enough.

To fix this, we tend to add-on, to spice up.

What’s clear about a situation such as described, is to spice things up. I’m okay with said notion, but this is when things can either go into a direction of bliss, or a total nightmare, depending on what spice you used to stir things up.

Nothing like an add-on to keep things interesting.

Who can forget mingling with the Super Game Boy? For someone like me who got tired of playing games on a monochrome portable, adding this device into my gaming mix allowed me to comfortably explore the massive amount of Game Boy games in a comfortable setting. The SNES was always one of my consoles of choice, and while the reason for this is because of the amazing lineup, a big part of the love I have for it secretly comes from the mingling of this add-on. It was a joy being able to have options, and the Super Nintendo coupled with the Super Game Boy, without a doubt, helped to keep the spark in the entire relationship.

This was an awesome option.

This was EVERY SNES importer’s best friend.

The SNES didn’t stop there either. Just to keep the fire going, it also threw in Super Famicom keys/adapters to keep things hot. This allowed us to experience fighting games outside of the Capcom/Midway offerings, mainly, Dragon Ball Z fighters. May I add, it was fascinating, and fresh. I’m sure looking back, the game was far less than perfect, but it was without a doubt, different. The mechanics, the ability to take our fights to the skies, the overall presentation, everything about it lit a fire in our gaming passion right at the brink of near boredom within our gaming relationship.

This is what we moved on to after Street Fighter 2.

Let’s not pretend like adding into the mix for the sake of re-sparking always goes right. Unfortunately, add-ons can also make for uncomfortable scenarios.

You know exactly what I’m talking about.

Now we’re getting kinky!

When SEGA introduced us to the SEGA CD, it seemed like something that can add the thirst that the possibly-fading relationship gamers may have had with the Genesis. Now, some gamers loved the FMV style games such as the Make My Video series, and some just accepted it just because they were faithful to the very end in the commitment to make things work. To others, the leap was that akin to S&M.

Crap, I forgot what the “safe word” was.

Sure, the radical introduction at first gives you an indescribable high, but you can only take so much of the paddle and whippings until it’s no longer something that is improving the relationship. The whipping being the price of the system, the games, and the amount of shovelware you had to sort thru to find the cream of the crop.

To it’s defense, the add-on did supply you with a decent lineup of games. Yes, not deep, but decent. Final Fight, Sonic the Hedgehog CD, and Lunar: Eternal Blue.

Okay, so that’s as good as the lineup probably got. I can’t count Snatcher, because I never got to take those for a spin.

Of course, even when the attempt to spice up a relationship goes wrong, nothing is sadder than attempting this feat, and not even at the least include a safe word to let it be known that the attempt basically sucks, and it needs to stop on the spot.

I’m looking dead at you Atari Jaguar CD. You see ladies and gentlemen, if the SEGA CD introduced S&M, the Jaguar CD introduced bestiality.


And I’m confident none of you would be okay with that.

I wish I could name a hit you can take for a spin on that toilet bowl, but in all reality, I simply walked out when I saw it lusting at a goat. Nothing good came out of such an attempt, at least to 99.9% of gamers specifically, because no one dared to go down that road.

This game is called Highlander. And it sucks. And its disrespectful.

Moral of the analogy: it’s good to spice things up and try new things. Just keep in mind, we all have limits. Some like it safe, and some like it rough on the pockets.

If you’re into the whole animal thing, I might have an Atari Jaguar CD to sell you.

On second thought, just take the damn thing.

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