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09-28-2015 at 06:06 PM
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Level Up: Gaming and Life 4 – A Game Is Worth A Friend For Life

Video Games have united many people together throughout its generations since it was first created. Some of my closest friendships were originally established through the awesome world of gaming. My “first friend for life”, thanks to video games, happened sometime during the mid 90’s.

This was the Beginning of a Life Time!

“Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening” was the first game that got me my first friend for life. It’s an experience that I’ll never forget since it changed my life for years to come till this day. It was back in 1994, I had owned the now “Classic Game” for about a year or so. I had played and beat the game several times and had decided to bring it with me to school the day before our Christmas holiday break. A fellow class mate (Which at the time I wasn’t too fond of) had noticed and approached me with interest on wanting to borrow it. I immediately shut him down with a ” HELL NO!” and a few dirty looks of “Are You Crazy?!” Being the persistent person he was, he continuously asked if he could borrow it, later offering to exchange any of the games he had owned himself as a fair borrowing trade. For a moment his offer did peak my interest and I agreed to follow him home and see if he had any games worth borrowing as a trade. He had quite a few games and we traded. I borrowed several games for the NES along with his “Game Genie” (Only the truly old school gamers would know what that is LOL) while he only borrowed Link’s Awakening. Little did I know an unlikely friendship was born that day.

As time progressed we found many mutual interests and formed a solid friendship. Today he’s my longest friend and my “Brother from another Mother”. A True Friend for Life!

A TRUE Testament of Diversity and Bonds!!

My “Second friend for life” happened during my freshman year in High School. He was quiet, which many mistook as shyness. We had all but 2 classes together, and the funny part is that I never noticed (he was like a ghost, or as some people might call a “wallflower”) until we were paired up for a class assignment. “Silence sparks intuitive thinking”, so when he expressed his thoughts on the assignment it rather blew me away… and what caught my eye was the gaming magazine he was hiding under his notebook and textbook. So not only was he an intuitive thinker, he was also “slick” about his actions. We engaged in lyrical gaming conversations which quickly started a SNES vs GENESIS debate. Being the “slick” guy he was he sold me Mortal Kombat 2 for $15 for the Genesis all while telling me why SNES was superior! Soon enough we started hanging out after school. I remember coming over his place and playing classic games such as “Killer Instinct”, “Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo” ( He actually taught me how to play it the correct way much like a karate master teaching a student at a Dojo lol), “Samurai Showdown”, & “Earth Worm Jim” to name a few. But what really kicked off the true beginning of our EPIC friendship was “CHRONO TRIGGER”. It was “The Beginning Of A New And Excitingly Different Story!”. .. INDEED IT WAS!
Soon enough my “Legend of Zelda” friend and my “Chrono Trigger” friend met, and we became “VGP” (Video Game Posse) also known as the “TRIFORCE”. Embarking in our own adventures! Though we may not all be together often due to our geographical locations, when we do come together it becomes a force to be reckoned with! Reliving the ol’ glory days, Drinking 40 oz Old English, and playing some throwback games!

Over time I’ve had and met friends that had the same gaming interest and thru games have strengthen our relationships. Video games have brought together many people of different age, sex gender & ethnicity, forming bonds that will last a lifetime while breaking all barriers in which other forms of media and entertainment have struggled to achieve. And will continue to do so for many years to come!


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