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05-13-2018 at 11:39 AM
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Happy Mother's Day!

Here's my story, feel free to share yours!

Moved to Tennessee from Florida halfway through high school, the whole world I knew was there, but for some odd reason my Mom moved up here to the middle of nowhere(which is fine by me!).
This was when it cost a couple dollars a minute to actively communicate with others hundreds of miles away, lol, so I was effectively cut off from my past, and just had to make a new life, I guess.
I really just kinda packed up my guitar and rock T-shirts and hopped in the car to come up here, left pretty much everything behind(Man, I wish I had those thousands of Archie comics...).
So, asked her to get me an NES to kill some time, I had Zelda'd and FF'd, Rygar'd and Icarus'd in Fla, but left my stuff behind(boo me!).
Mountain City is actually in the middle of everywhere, medium towns relatively close in Tn, NC, and Va, but itself is nowhere, not gonna get a new gaming console in this town, even today.
Florida people don't really understand mountain roads at first, and their bodies certainly have to adjust.
She looked at a map, saw the "quickest" route, and we headed out.
Shady Mountain is something else, let me tell you!
Stopped three or four times for me to vomit, the road itself is actually twice as much time as going around the "long way", but we got there...
Maniac Mansion. Wound up with several others eventually, but that's what I remember right off, I beat it with a couple different character combinations, don't really remember it much(Rocky Horror?), but it definitely gave me something to do until I became the coolest Guy in town for a while(Kidding. Sorta. Actually, people my age here didn't know "regular people" could play guitar, ha, so I made a lot of friends that way.).

The story itself doesn't seem to revolve around my Mom much, but when I think of video games and my Mom, I just remember her laughing at me for blowing chunks around a windy mountain road.

Call yur Moms if you can, only takes a second.
  1. Intellivision Master's Avatar
    I call Mother's Day the most important day of the year.

    We're not from Tennessee or Miami .... but we still need moms in All of Canada :)

    Happy Mother's Day !!!!!
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  2. bensweeneyonbass's Avatar
    Great words Roger. Much love.

    I’m born and raised in Appalachia so any time a man can feel at home here is a good time for me. Also Maniac Mansion was pitvoal for a lot of PC games do it deserves the shoutout.
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