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06-07-2018 at 08:46 AM
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Atari Flashback/New Tracks

Hi Everyone, Rogerpoco.
I'm going to try and unlazy, and start working on putting up some tracks for the Atari Flashback.
As usual, I have a million things going on, Falldown, Dumbo, prototype/homebrew 2600 stuff, NDS Track and Field with KJT, the darned green game(still...31 5.61's yesterday, 125 since last Sunday, EMU, 188 overall now...), getting a score on my Arcade Off-Road Track-pack(I keep meaning to...), but the Flashback just seems to be a very accessible means of competition, and there are very, very few tracks.
I remember Gsampson mentioning wanting to compete on it(which would be bad for everyone else... ;P ).

Anyway-someone at AT said, "Let's put together a compilation system, that is pretty good, but has every game that Rogerpoco stinks at.".
So it isn't really for personal gain-getting experience starting tracks will be nice, but I don't expect to really be able to compete for many of the scores. I don't want to label anyone, including myself, but the Flashback seems like a great/convenient way to get a younger generation interested in the games.

Thanks for the help starting the River Raid, Guys, I think it's exactly right, mebbe the first time I've done that, haha.

I'll probably do the same thing moving forward-put tracks in the marketplace, wait for others to help out-please, no one go all out on these, as a lot of them aren't for a particular purpose, just to add tracks for future competition-many of the tracks I will propose are tracks I'll never even try to put a score on myself.

I would joke, and say I am saving my SP to buy certificates, but thassa can o' worms I'll leave closed. Most certainly NOT the first exclusive club that I have decided not to join... :)

Probably my best opportunity to mention, tho I have before-I still think the "New Track Marketplace" should be a voting forum-mebbe even keep the 10sp cost for proposing(tho I don't think that is even necessary), but rather than others pay points, the community votes, "Yes, this makes sense", or "No, this is stupid"(or whatever). If the community decides the track is worthy of TG, it should go up at minimal user cost.

Sorry for the semi-rant, there's way more I like about TG than I dislike, everyone knows that.

Thanks Everyone!!
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  1. Max's Avatar
    Most of what you wrote went right over my head. :D

    However, as to the voting forum, you have it right now. Post what you want to create on your wall and allow adequate time for community comments so that adjustments may be made prior to track creation. The end result will also likely be free of typos and grammar issues too. Time aside, we will all have a much better rule set creation at no cost to Poco (or anyone else).

    As you suggest, I too would greatly prefer to have this be a requirement to make the cleanest possible tracks by making a voting/editing system within the marketplace, but that's not what TG has given us. However, there is nothing from stopping us from creating a better system, especially as it doesn't cost anything. :D

    Now where is that anti Poco game compilation track at? Link please. :D
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  2. Rogerpoco's Avatar
    Lol-the Atari Flashback 8 is what I have-for some reason, other than a couple easy max-out games, all the games on it are ones that haven't been good to me, lotta shooters and stuff.

    Well, I wasn't thinking of that angle, tho I think I remember you mentioning it specifically somewhere else-the idea of presenting tracks for community approval, rather than payment, would definitely have people chiming in to clean up the rules and specifics, so there's one more reason it's good!

    Yeah, I rambled a bit, ha, finally got a P.G. out of the way(200k Aquaventure), finally had time to throw some thoughts up, I just accidentally mashed them all together.
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  3. nads's Avatar
    Funny you mention this today, I just bought the Gold 8 today.
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  4. Rogerpoco's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by nads
    Funny you mention this today, I just bought the Gold 8 today.

    @TimODonnell seems like he could be the real deal, his FB Aquaventure score is pretty darned good...for a rookie.
    I've also started bugging @BlairWeston (a fellow Aussie!) to get one, he likes playing along with me.

    Anything you want to start, I'll help out, feel free, I def don't want "ownership" of starting the F/B tracks, ha, just wanting to help out.

    I have the very inexpensive Flashback 8, not the gold, holding out for the Activision Gold model!

    I've had a lot of success with flashback controllers, even on hardware, but I think the Gold controller is very different.
  5. starcrytas's Avatar
    I guess I was too late to make these requests:
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  6. Rogerpoco's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by starcrytas
    Oh, I remember you proposing those now!
    It would save a LOT of time if Admin could add them, since you already have the track details figured out and written down-I don't see where you were too late, it's possible they just got overlooked.

    Man, that was a lot of work just to get those worded, I do hope they are added-thanks a million regardless!
  7. starcrytas's Avatar
    Can someone go through those requests and maybe suggest edits if needed?
    All of those were meant to be copied over from the original Atari 2600 rules.
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  8. Rogerpoco's Avatar
    Bowling is listed twice-the second time it appears, between Championship Soccer and Crystal Castles, I'm guessing should be Circus Atari possibly?

    Motorodeo needs some specific stuff, I'll try to get it down in a bit, it has several track variations, and "track 1" is vauge, I really can't figure out what track to play on hardware.
  9. Max's Avatar
    I've never even heard of Motorodeo but I sure want to play it now that I've seen it in print.
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