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06-07-2018 at 05:09 PM
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Not sure what to do with this...

Well, this just takes the cake...

One vid has clear gameplay, the other clear on "who's playing the game".

Not the most skillful performance, lol, but he's 3. :)

Again, not sure what to do with it-not sure his Mom would approve of him having an email address to start an account here, and not my place to approve/disapprove of that, but I am wondering about the youngest documented 2600 max-out, would be pretty funny!

I'm in a groove now, if anyone wants to challenge this with a younger competitor...

I got more Grandkids on the way!
  1. swaggers's Avatar
    That's awesome!
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  2. bensweeneyonbass's Avatar
    I love it. Love it. I got my 2yr old boy manhandling my cocktail cab on nearly a daily basis because he loves Frogger. Or as he says, “Foggy” :)
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  3. starcrytas's Avatar
    Very cool!
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  4. Barthax's Avatar
    I've got a potential challenger, perhaps if I can cajole my Dad into playing (very unlikely) we could set up a "biggest difference in age of competitors in the family" thing. :P

    Four generations- myself on the left.
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