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06-29-2019 at 10:52 AM
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Some low-tech tech work!

Well, this was an interesting experience, with several good resolutions.

Pulled out my Model 2 Genesis yesterday-Finton has felt my wrath on the GP 1 pt 2 on SNES(not sure if you noticed, Man...sorry...motivation is pure, at least), and was gonna pick on Terr a little bit, am a score or two away from the top Genesis spot. Basically planning to force people back to the scoreboards against their will, if you will.


So, it just wouldn't work-you Guys have seen me struggle with an A/V problem with it in the past, but it just wasn't budging. Called a local thrift place, the Guy waited from closing 'till Wife could get there from the grocery store, got a Model 1 for 40$.

First-he sent the wrong A/V cord, was for a model 2, so...

Yup. My model 2 is fine, the cord was the problem.

(Face palm)

Anyway, because my Megadrive is Model 1, I had the proper cords to test the system-no go.

The power button wouldn't hold, the power light would flicker and the system would try to work, but would cut out before anything happened.

Took it back to the Guy today, he gave me the $ back, and took me up on my offer of trying to fix it, I told him there was a decent chance.

Is all caveman and stuff, no electronics work, just melting some plastic back together(be careful...), but surely someone somewhere, someday will benefit from this, the system seems 100% now, and I'm gonna go ahead and give him the $ back and keep it, tho I don't need it, am just happy to have resurrected it!


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