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07-03-2019 at 09:45 AM
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Belated Thanks

I think I wanted to wait until I had something "in my hands", so I would know it was official, and that it was actually out there in the real World somewhere, but here we go:

I really appreciate this, Everyone, am kinda feeling down lately for some reason, so getting this was a nice pick me up.

I appreciate the votes for this, and I appreciate the entire community for participating, regardless of who they voted for.

The recent submission from Robert on Burgertime, and watching it in it's entirety had me reflecting on why I came to Twin Galaxies, and wondering how it had came such a long way for me, but the answer is easy, it's because I made real friends here, who took it upon themselves to push me to try harder and get better. I have a handful of friendships here that are among the best relationships I have actually ever had, including real life frankly.

I can be polarizing-someone had to point that out to me, I'm oblivious.

I play what I want to play, when I want to play it, and am not all that concerned with my "greatness", it's just how it is.

But if all my "for fun only" scores were taken off the table, some of the people who don't care for the "for fun" stuff would perceive me differently-I have some nasty, nasty stuff out there.

I also like to run roughshod on some games, multiple tracks, incidentally beating the same person over and over a few times, I know that's frustrating, I have been/will be in the future, in the same boat.

The solution to that one is easy, just beat my scores back, I ain't gonna be mad at ya.


Anyway, one of the most interesting things to happen for me, no doubt, Thanks to Walter for sure for making it happen!

I don't have cards, only the framed picture, possibly they are in separate packages, I'll try to buy some soon I think, but can't find the "order" section on the Collection site, I dunno.

Tried not to single anyone out, if I were to detail positive experiences over the last three years this would be REALLY long-I love all you Guys, but definitely a special Thanks to my Mentors and close people I have rolled with around here, I'll never forget this experience.

Thanks Everyone!!!

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    That's awesome. Congrats!

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    congrats roger!

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    Yeah, I know it was a chore mentoring you in the early days, but look!! :D

    Well done, my son. Nobody else is more deserving of such an accolade.

    You earned it. Wear it with pride.
    I hope we've cheered you up even more.
    Have a good day, my man.
    Top banana.

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    I thought I'd better add this, as I've had MANY a 'US - British' culture clash at the hand of miss spoken words. "*****" and "geezer" come to mind... :)

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    Its official... you are a Super Star!!

    You have been from when first started here and you continued to evolve into a guess the face of Twin Galaxies!!

    Congrats Roger! This is something truly to be proud of!

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    Pretty much given up hope of ever actually seeing one of "my" cards, which is kinda crazy, I guess.

    Evidently they were lost in the mail, I guess sitting at a neighbors house in secret, Walter says they were sent out over a month ago.

    Apologies to those I had promised them out to, I've mentioned in PM to most of you about how "wonderful" my luck is, I suppose this is pretty solid evidence.

    It's just disheartening, check the mail, no cards, sick to my stomach for an hour,

    Going even a step farther...

    I'm glad I have Mario Kart under my skin, pretty sure it's helping to keep me from going away and hiding under a rock.


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