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07-23-2019 at 08:00 PM
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Just a thought.

There was a very connected era, a couple of years back, where friendships and competition really blossomed here at Twin Galaxies.

I'm here every day, all day. Sad(not to me...), but true. I don't lurk here, I live here, lol.

It's pretty clear to me, what happened to the "community spirit", that had grown so strong.

Settle it on the Screen was cancelled.

I know it hasn't been brought up in a while, and I am probably hoping on an impossibility.

The show needs to be brought back-it had new users seeing their name in the spotlight, feeling good about continuing on about high scoring, super-massive-awesome superstars like me(lol), that loved to be the butt of inside jokes, and then some talking about games that I actually didn't watch too much, usually games I didn't play(sorry , Guys.).

I'm not in anyone's pocket-I think among the Guys there, some liked me a lot, some accepted that it was ok to like me *just* a little bit, but several of the regulars here who just won't go away, ha, are here because of the fun and friendship they got regularly from the show.

Not angry, just sayin'.

  1. Snowflake's Avatar

    My opinions of tg have risen and fallen but video games are forever

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  2. OOO's Avatar

    For the good of video gaming culture, the SIOTS show, with the right positive content, and not the let's beat up TG that happens sometimes, would be great. I'd like to see the show back. However, it seems the association with certain gamers who were disqualified may have had an adverse affect. Also funding could be an issue. I 'd like to see TG fund the show again and provide some guidance and etiquette on the content. Yes, bring back SIOTS tomorrow. I also like the show Marco runs.

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  3. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    I don't catch Marco live as often as I'd like, but agree, he does a great job!!!

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  4. OOO's Avatar

    Plus I am not sure if @timmell is interested anymore. I'd like to see Nick back too. So even if you had the funds from TG again, they may not do the show anyway.

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  5. timmell's Avatar

    Thank you guys, it motivates me. Nick is a unlikely return. maybe a guest appearance here and there. everyone I love the feedback. And Marco has been a nice addition to broadcasts about the subject. Wish we could sync up again, on nights for broadcasting.

    @OOO Who do are these gamers? "However, it seems the association with certain gamers who were disqualified may have had an adverse affect." Could you IM me or elaborate here. I welcome all feedback good and bad.

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  6. VerneV's Avatar

    not sure what you're talking about but the way twin galaxies is working. it seems pretty broken ATM. I have the World Record Vs.Excitebike score and everyone knows it. but due to THREE lousy "incorrect votes" I cannot submit it.

    you're penalized way too much imo.

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  7. Desidious's Avatar

    Wake up and smell the fucking coffee Twin Galaxies. Give the users what they want and quit doing whatever you want to do. It's not about you at all, its about the members here and the hard effort and work they put in to breaking records and bringing games into the light. Quit being a fucking joke, TG.

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  8. Almighty Dreadlock's Avatar

    It's going to take more than one show to save this site, regardless of how good it may be. I recently started adjudicating again, and first thing I noticed was that the submissions queue had its usual thousand and a half threads. But, on seeing page after page of nothing but Jared Oswald submissions, I realised something was odd. When I checked, I found that Mr Oswald had about a thousand submissions in the queue. One player ... one ... responsible for two thirds of the activity, here. If that's not a sign of serious ill health, I don't know what is. Also, it has been utterly pointless disputing a record, for over a year, now. TG milked the Fraudgers and Bitchell scandals for all they were worth, and don't give a toss, anymore

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