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08-11-2019 at 06:45 PM
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Happy Anniversary!

To me, lol!

Was three years ago today that I joined TG.

Probably I had found out "how" to try to play Burgertime for big scores a week before, youtube tunnel, the pursuit of the high score actually led me here-I knew of the documentaries and loved them, but I thought they were "old news"-they kinda are, but fun old news, I just didn't realize Twin Galaxies was an existing competitive entity.

It's been a friggin awesome ride, Guys and Gals-this is an "ego post", something we all should do more of IMO, sorry in advance, but...


I had MAME, on a good PC, and a Genesis w/o any cords buried in a box when I joined TG. I've had many systems over the years, never kept up with them, was always a "gamer", but was just something I did, not something I did to identify myself, I played for fun, not "winning".

I'm possibly in the top 10 overall ESI as you are reading this-again, ego post, but I remember joining, looking at the top of the leaderboards, and thinking "how the heck have those folks played that much, that well, to be that far up there!".

I can't believe I have stuck with this this long. I can't believe how validating it is, trying hard, win, lose, or draw, and the help along the way has been incredible!

I dunno. Again, self-gratifying here, no question(it IS my Anniversary, lol!), but although I know I'm not one of the legendary best, I respect them so much, someone like Snowflake and his Tapper dwarfs anything I could do, Greg, Garrett, Nads, Al-those Guys are the true monsters, but over a span of so many systems, in a three year time span...

I've done OK for myself. SMH everyday that I am capable of competing with you Guys here, and couldn't imagine life w/o Twin Galaxies!!!

Got about a dozen cards addressed and ready, I really will get those out soon, and I'll start picking at some of the @Barthax kinda folks that know I want them to have one but am too lazy to have gotten around to it yet(sorry! :P).

Lol, last night's KISS concert was the best night of my life, but these have been the best overall three years of my life, has been a blast, I really enjoy hanging with everyone here, what we do is pretty darned cool.

Thanks Everyone!!!

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    Amazing achievement!

    Top 10 ESI ... Incredible !!
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