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10-29-2019 at 08:27 PM
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Because Activision Rules!!!

New Micro-Collection-pretty weak right now, but it's what I'm focusing on-"What do you want for Christmas?"-"Activision stuff!", lol!

Want to post this now, and update it as it grows-I have a Mario Kart only shelf, but pretty neat to start a 2600 "One Company I like in particular" shelf, can't wait to see how big it gets!!!


Also have a small Game-Related Coffee-Cup collection going, which makes practical sense...I pretty much only drink from coffee cups or blue cans with mountains on them...


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  1. Garrett Holland's Avatar

    Check your PMs.

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    Haha, Yay!!!

    This one's not virtual anymore!

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    OK, we have a Christmas Update!!!

    One shelf is now three, and...

    Man, I love my Activision stuff.

    Thanks to Garrett for sure, my Loose collection is almost complete, and I got several CIB copies today, Christmas, and a couple patches.

    It just amazes me that stuff that isn't made of metal or wood can exist for almost 40 years, and some of the CIB's look "almost new". How do people hang on to this stuff?


    I love my flashcarts, always will, I want access to everything, but I did get bagged on a little for not being "committed" to the games enough.

    I'm all in. I love my games. So much history in them.

    Manuals for all the Activision games, reading them is a real treat, those Guys went the extra mile, for sure!

    Happy Holidays Everyone!!!

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    Yes, Dragster and Decathalon are in the wrong order alphabetically, that's fixed now.

    Actually, the whole shelves are different, I made a nicer "arrangement" than the last pic, but I'll wait for more "stuff" for an updated pic.


    My right arm is pissing me off, going numb and stuff-is very similar to something it did about a year ago when I was going for 5.57 on EMU Dragster-not really playing any "intense" games, my only guess is that I've picked up the guitar again, and one problem with sorta knowing what you are doing and taking a long layoff on something like that is that your brain tries to force your body into doing things that really take "time" to develop, and it's easy to push yourself too hard at first.

    ("I KNOW I can do this, dammit!")(Lol).

    So trying to take a bit of a break from both, gaming and music, but really only physically, doing some music "homework", and the same with the games.

    I'm going thru my boxed games(I can't believe I have to wear reading glasses...), all of which have the manuals, reading thru them, checking the boxes carefully for damage and stuff(I got a lot of these from someone who kept them in pretty good condition, I have to say-not perfect, but quite good).

    I'm afraid I'm about to geek out so bad that I'm gonna be embarrassed if I can't immediately recall which programmer made which Activision game, lol!

    In reading the manuals, they really did take a lot of pride in doing what they did, and things felt pretty "personal", so I feel like if it was important to them, it should be important to me, if I'm a true "fanboy".

    Happy New Year Everyone!!!

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    Thanks a Million, Pete, I owe ya big time, and really appreciate it!!!

    I'm really tickled right now, just Wow!!!

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