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03-22-2020 at 07:31 AM
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I imagine most that keep up around here have probably heard something about this, and we all know I'm not terribly detail-oriented, but in case anyone is interested that may have missed it-

Several of the top NASCAR drivers are going to start participating in the I-Racing series, starting today, I believe the races are going to be broadcast live, just check yur channel listings.

Anyway, what is going on in the World is pretty terrible, but does seem as if virtual sports have a good opportunity to attempt to gain an audience right now, I'm a bit surprised that hasn't been a more active topic of conversation.

Sports fans aren't suffering any more than anyone else, would be asinine to say that, but regardless, millions of peoples "daily routines" have been hijacked. My Father and I are both pretty excited to have at least something to watch!

Stay Safe, Everyone. Being a Hermit for a while can actually be pretty fun, as long as you have plenty of stuff lined up "to do".

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    Haha - it looks like we were both writing and thinking about the same topic! I'm going to check out both NASCAR and Formula 1 today. Definitely Indy Car next week.

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