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12-16-2020 at 10:02 AM
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Doggone It!

Well, it's finally time!!!

Over in the AA HSC, we play a "Homebrew week", playing newly programmed games.

One of the games presented this year was "Doggone It!", and almost to a fault, everyone enjoyed the game very much.

It wasn't a completed production when we played it, only a Rom(and there are very limited actual copies of the game, for now, most folks will have to find/play the(free)rom), and a dream.

Disclosing a Good Friends personal info here, he's not a regular member, but it's part of the story of the game, and has been told elsewhere, not really "secret".

Well, the Guy, Andrew, had never programmed a 2600 game before, not even much of a techie, at all, but went through a serious bout with Cancer, and came up with the idea for the game and the motivation to create it, based on the Friends and professionals that helped him be alive.

The game is fantastic-obviously, I'd say so, haha, I have the High Score on it pretty handily, based on the scoring of the game, but I just fell in love with it immediately and "cracked it", even the True Masters here were pretty impressed with my dedication. The fact that it was "just" a "tribute idea", programmed by someone who possibly even had to look up how to do what he did(that's conjecture on my part), and turned out "perfect", is impressively amazing.

Different people enjoy different games-by "perfect"-you have to play in the spirit of the game, there's no way to "scrabble", "leech", etc, there are very specific goals that can only be accomplished by "nailing it".

Well-as I am the one "unveiling" it here-

Yesterday marked two years of Andrew being in remission!!!

The game is complete now, Box, manual, etc(tho again, in limited copies, not actually even "available"), and he presented it yesterday to all the people who had inspired him, and helped him along the way, many of whom are actually IN the game, he gave them all Atari's(retrons) so they could play it, said there were a lotta tears, lotta laughs, and a lot of good feelings.

Well, to whatever small degree of "Personal Involvement"-



I'm so honored. Hard to imagine something more profound, to me, really. I "only" got an Atari so I could put high scores up here, no real "nostalgic" attachment, tho they were around when I was a kid.

Is just something I never imagined could happen, may seem trivial to some, but it really makes me happy to sorta be "attached" to a game I am most definitely attached to!

We will be starting a track here very shortly(I should have a physical copy in a day or so, want to be "just so" with the rules, so I want to check the manual), and I truly hope some folks here will check out the game, mebbe understand why I love it so much!

Catching my score...?

Mmm. Good luck with that.


Knocked it out of the park, Andrew, with the gameplay, presentation, and just being a Great Guy!

Thanks Everyone!!!

  1. Barthax's Avatar

    Awesome story. :D

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  2. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Barthax

    Awesome story. :D

    An "edit" turned into a "delete"(prolly me...).

    Ah, the story was easy to tell, the whole thing just really grabbed me, I'm so happy about how everything turned out!!!

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  3. voodoo_chilly's Avatar

    I saw that on AtariAge HS contest and downloaded and played the game. I was so late to this years contest I just played for fun (plus the other Galactopus? and some game similar to Missile Command). I was addicted to Doggone it! I forget what your last score was but it astronomical compared to mine (I think I barely broke 30K) . I was reading your tips etc and they made perfect sense after playing it. But I stopped playing. Very nice gesture for him to throw a nod your way! Also, great to hear he is in remission (I had no idea he even had any health issues).

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