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04-24-2021 at 08:36 AM
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Collectors Corner/TG-16

Well, a very nice collection addition, and also looking for community knowledge.

An old time buddy from when I used to be a prison guard stopped by yesterday(Stop laughing. I was actually pretty good at it, haha!), brought me his TG-16 from back in the day!!!

Scared the bejeezus out of me trying to "help" me get it working(haha), got the plug from the controller stuck in the system and a piece pulled out of the controller socket-was able to get it out(couple needle nosed pliers), reseat it into the controller, and is fine.

CD player doesn't *seem* to work, but to be fair, I haven't screwed with it much. I have faith in me.

(Ahh, that's a lie, in this particular case...I ain't gonna be able to fix no CD player, sheesh...).

The case is pretty sweet-*almost* as good as having the original box. Almost. :D

Which leads me to my community question(s).

What do I not have now, seriously?

I suppose a list is in order for people to even "wonder", but I really have...almost everything.

I'm thinking "console only" stuff for the most part, not the PC's from the early 80's(those are next...), and my "have to have's" stop with cart-based systems-not that I disrespect anything beyond that, it's just not my niche, I don't want every version of the X-box that has ever came out, lol!).

Off the top of my head, I am thinking the original Odyssey, the Fairchild, the Aquarius and the Astrocade(tho those may be "quasi PC's", I'm not sure...), the SG-1000, and...gosh. Other than that, if you can put a cart in it, I think I have it.

@swaggers , haven't really seen you in a while, but you and I have similar ambitions, chime in if you happen to notice this!

Well, the ending of the story ain't as good as the beginning(I'm nothing, if not honest...).

I try to remain oblivious to things that aren't physically "in my World", I guess.

Was pretty excited about the TG-16 addition, I love collecting, I love games, and I love scoring, above all else-if it weren't for high scores, I'd be playing RPG's and F-1 games on modern PC's. No-I'd probably be I-Racing, if it weren't for TG, almost for sure, lol. And kicking ass.


So I got to looking thru the scoreboards after I got it.

Not one, single game I can "make a mark on".


Such is life, I suppose.

Been pretty excited about being able to play Toilet Kids on a real system, but we are talking a hundred dollar flashcart to pull that off, on a system I am clearly gonna suck on, so I dunno.


I got a friggin TG-16!!!

Thanks, Brotschull!!!

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    You talking handhelds also? I don't count like TurboExpress or Nomad. They are cool, but not unique systems.

    TG is one i need. Plan to get the Japan TurboDuo as it has the CD built in and they are region free.

    You have a Vectrex also I don't have. They have shot up to around $500 - $600. Insane.

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    Here is what I am currently tracking as a "system", both handheld and console.

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