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03-06-2019 at 08:27 PM
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If You Could be the Very Best at One Title

I had a lengthy conversation with someone tonight on a variety of topics in gaming including some that were completely spur-of-the-moment, and one above all stuck out as I had never considered it before...

If I could be the world's absolute, unbeatable best on any arcade title, which would that be ?

Wasn't expecting that question, and never gave it much thought before. Sure, I've written my opinion on which titles are the hardest, or most fun for me to play, and even which specific scores achieved were the "Holy Grails" or classic arcade gaming, but for this question, my responses were not what I would have expected...kid of like when you are asked to say the first thought that pops into your head.

To me, the choice would not be "Pacman" as it is a maxed out, pattern-possible, been-there/done-that challenge for more than a few. Nor would it be the hotly contested "Donkey Kong" as after awhile even the most enthusiastic expert will not look forward to the pace required to be in record contention much as a long distance marathoner knows what is required for coming in 1st for the Boston or NYC marathon.

I thought of other titles that I personally enjoy playing a lot, from the short-duration ones like "Depth Charge" to some of my favourites like "Super Cobra" and "Paperboy", but when it came down to it only two titles came immediately to mind...

The short-duration potential for absolute gaming excellence in "Pole Position", and the simple fun of getting that frog to those lily-pads in "Frogger", neither of which is a title that I am even remotely good at.

It was unusual having to consider such a question, and I found my personal choices quite surprising. Just wanted to share.

  1. Lauren Tyler's Avatar

    Pole Position, no questions asked.

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  2. Pearl2hu's Avatar

    battle garegga, ketsui or dodonpachi

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  3. datagod's Avatar


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  4. dedmunds's Avatar

    :) Was always Double Dragon for me

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  5. Fly's Avatar

    Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo.


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  6. xelnia's Avatar

    Color a Dinosaur

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  7. swaggers's Avatar

    I'd definitely want to pick something that has eyes on it outside of just arcade fans. Probably Donkey Kong. Not a huge fan but if you really were the best you could create a lot of drama by just barely staying ahead of the competition and you might be able to parlay that success into some form of sauce business. I don't know, maybe sauce that is hot.

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  8. RaGe's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by xelnia

    Color a Dinosaur

    Me too! :D
  9. Barra's Avatar

    If we're talking CAG only, maybe Robotron. Difficult question!

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  11. John73's Avatar

    I'd go with Frogger - love that game - but the unfairness of it makes it so hard. It is a combination of playing for hours on end with limited lives, and understanding all the horrible programming that make it so unfair to play for someone without knowledge of the game.

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