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03-30-2019 at 10:05 PM
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Wall Entry at 03-31-2019 12:57 AM

"Canyon Bomber" (arcade/MAME) has been "beaten" by a few people already...reaching and finishing the 4th stage while dealing with a computer opponent that gets 3 fresh "misses" per stage. One gamer that I know of (Fred Pastore) even did it without a single miss until he had no choice but to kill his game off at the end due to there being no more bricks).

I had worked on/experimented with the title via WolfMAME with Robert Griffin years back and was able to limit the computer opponent to an all-time low of 47 points in the 1st stage (do-able under very specific circumstances) which means, in theory, that 2000+ points may be possible.

But one challenge has never been formally tracked by TG...playing the 1st player of a 2-player game while no one presses the buttons of player 2. MEANING...it would in theory be possible to get a "perfect game" via this method only.

As this is the only game that I can readily think of where starting a 2-player game and abandoning the other player could lead to a much higher scoring opportunity for the remaining 1st player (and I am excluding "Wizard of Wor" and the few points player 1 gets for shooting the lives of player 2, or for "Marble Madness", "Joust" and "Joust 2" for similar purposes)

Thoughts on my creating such a category...considering the limited number of players who can actually complete the 4-stage game to begin with ?

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  1. Barthax's Avatar

    Esoteric tracks will usually only gain a small following but that's no reason to ignore them. :)

  2. RTM's Avatar

    I'll see if Fred and Dave are willing to give it a go. When things calm down at work after one of the big wigs retires at month end then I will set up the variation and submit an inaugural score (which I am sure that they will trounce in short order)

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