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05-27-2019 at 01:26 AM
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"TGTS" Records

Last year on a whim I compiled a list of the "TGTS" records that I was aware of...records on titles that were generally either "marathonable" or conducive to long-play.

Not sure how well this enclosure will show up, but I'm curious how many of these have since been beaten.

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  1. RTM's Avatar

    For some reason you cannot click on the image...here are the details below...hopefully the column alignment remains intact...

    Looks like it did...the copy/paste detected "clean" option helps, but eliminated are the colour fonts. Even so, this is the data as of Mar/18

    Twin Galaxies

    Arcade TGTS records as of Mar31/18


    RecordRecordRecordto BeatRecord
    TitleDateDateDatePrior RecordReign

    Q*Bert19842012198725 years6 years
    Defender19852008198523 years10 years
    Stargate19852008198523 years10 years
    Food Fight20012018200117 yearsNEW
    Gyruss20042018200414 years14 years
    Donkey Kong 32005201220057 years6 years
    Tempest2009201720107 years1 year
    Dig Dug2013201720134 years1 year
    Missile Command198420102007 (?) (*3)3 years8 years
    Galaga2009201120092 years7 years
    Joust1984201620151 year2 years
    Asteroids2012201620160 years2 years
    Joust 22008200820080 years10 years (*1)
    Millipede2007200720070 years11 years (*2)
    Nibbler2012201220120 years6 years (*1)
    Star Trek2004200420040 years14 years (*1)
    Star Wars1985198519850 years33 years (*2)
    Tapper2001200520050 years13 years

    (*1) - sole submission

    (*2) - unbeaten since inception

    (*3) - record holder beat his own score, TG database overrides prior record date
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  2. RTM's Avatar

    Of these records, only one has remained unbeaten for 25+ years...David Palmer's "Star Wars" TGTS score. In fact it is now unbeaten after 34 years !!

    Most the rest seem to have fallen within the past 15 years at one point save for a few records set within the past 15 years that have yet to be seriously challenged..."Star Trek", "Tapper" are but two.

    So...which have since fallen ? My gut tells me "Galaga", "Gyruss" and maybe "Q*Bert" and/or "Millipede" are good candidates as is the "Defender/Stargate" records. The rest seem a bit more daunting.

    Seems like I left one off which, embarrassingly, I recently pursued myself..."Pandora's Palace" (I scored 639K vs Jon Dworkin's 800K+ from 2005 or so)

  3. RTM's Avatar

    PS - would be nice if TG had a "query" feature of this nature...or a custom template that auto-updated linked to the TG database with recently approved submissions.

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  4. John73's Avatar

    What was the time limit you used as a cut off for "long play"?

  5. John73's Avatar

    I'd suggest possibly both of these scores, but definitely the Konami release which by estimate would have to be a 24+ hour game

    Amidar (Stern)
    3,208,870 Set on 22 June 1982

    Amidar (Konami)
    19,225,030 Set on 1 Oct 1983

  6. RTM's Avatar

    The above "TGTS" records were limited to those where a 5-man variation was created for those titles where unlimited or a fixed number of extra lives could be earned well beyond the threshold of five (5).

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  7. Barra's Avatar

    Laidlaw's Galaga record has been beaten a number of times in the past year by multiple players, having sat there untouched for 7 years or so

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  8. RTM's Avatar

    I asked the "powers that be" at TG if there could be an easier way to search for/obtain data from the leaderboard for such compilations. My guess is nothing will come of it, though, as the question has been posed before.

  9. redelf's Avatar

    You just need to find someone that can scrape the site for the data you need and then process it. Who those that can do that are unknown to me though.

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