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06-01-2019 at 12:03 PM
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Worst Nomination Ever !!

Now if this isn't hypocritical I don't know what is.Apparently I just received an E-MAIL indicating that I am a nominee for the 2019 IVGHOF Hall of Fame, something I neither asked for nor want, BUT more importantly I should fail the so-called "Code of Ethics" with flying colours.


Let's see...

1. Are expected to obey the applicable laws as well as the rules and regulations pertaining to professionalism in conduct and behavior as listed items 2 thru 6.

How I Failed -by failing points 2 thru 5 multiple times

2. Shall conduct themselves with respect towards others in such a way as to reflect the highest standards of professionalism, honesty and integrity.

How I Failed -for starters, although each richly deserved it, by publicly blasting Walter on the TG website over his handling of the Guinness 2007 Missile Command fiasco, by blasting both he and Billy on more occasions than I can remember over their shenanigans, and don't even get me started on blasting certain specific gamers along the way

3. Shall protect the confidentiality of all sensitive information regarding the business affairs and discussions within the IVGHOF. Non-disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements shall be signed.

How I Failed -by publicly sharing documentation proving the extortion allegations launched by Steve Harris against both Walter and Billy in 1984 as well as how the IVGHOF lost their state tax classification on at least one occasion

4. Shall conduct themselves in such a manner as not to discredit the organization, either directly or indirectly.

How I Failed -need I mention my artwork collection or accusing the IVGHOF of being a sham organization which is completely unaccountable and which has an inaugural "Class" of winners most of which were quid-pro-quo recipients because of what they did for Walter

5. Shall not participate in any form of harassment or discrimination.

How I Failed -technically I did not fail to the letter of the clause BUT I did seal the nail on the coffin so to speak with the Todd Rogers debate as being the last post before TG rendered the decision, and Todd IS an IVGHOF winner PLUS a "Council of Legendary Gamers" member, another sham organization

6. Shall have the right to a formal appeal to the entire Board of Directors if disciplined or expelled from this organization for any reason.

How I Failed - appeal ? That will be the bloody day.

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  1. RTM's Avatar

    Hard to see the enclosure so...

    International Video Game Hall of Fame (ivghof @verizon.net">you Details



    The International Video Game Hall of Fame (IVGHOF) congratulates you on your recent nomination to the Hall of Fame Class of 2019 Golden Age Gamer Category

    We are currently in the process of gathering information on all nominees.

    Please provide all additional information relative to your nomination. Please provide verifiable evidence in the form of hyperlinks to websites, pictures or videos and news articles.

    Please return this document by June 14, 2019.

  2. The Evener's Avatar

    Well, it's great to see that you weren't ruled out at the outset - I'm not sure who reviewed and approved the range of nominations, but at minimum I think it shows that the case made by the nominator(s) satisfied the initial threshold of consideration - that you've carried visible and impactful contributions to the video game community/industry. Certainly your approaching this nomination process transparently, which surely counts for something given that there are people in the community that have demonstrated the opposite on numerous occasions. I suppose the committee would evaluate each criteria in its own context - past inductees have not been squeaky clean by any stretch of the imagination. Whatever one's feeling are towards the IVGHOF, I think it's pretty cool that you're a nominee. Whether you wish to proceed or withdraw your nomination, let us know.

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  3. ILLSeaBass's Avatar

    Are Billy Mitchell and Todd Rogers still IVG Hall of Famers or were they booted after they were outed for cheating?

  4. The Evener's Avatar

    They are still members in good standing, and Mitchell is a board member. According to the 2017 information, "There were three phases in the decision process: Open nomination, public and board input for narrowing down of the ballot and a final voting pool which decided which gamers, games, developers and industry leader would be inducted."

    It's not exactly clear to me what stage we're at in RTM's nomination process.

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  5. RTM's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by The Evener
    Whether you wish to proceed or withdraw your nomination, let us know.

    RTM REPLY - I'd be a hypocrite myself to want to be or retain a nominee status, never mind going further in the process, so I responded to the E-MAIL accordingly...

    RTM REPLY - International Video Game Hall of Fame Nomination
    Sat, Jun 1, 2019 4:26 pm
    Robert Mruczek (rtm179bob@verizon.net)To:ivghof Details
    To whom it may concern:

    My wish is to have the nomination withdrawn from further consideration and/or review. I have no desire to be a nominee at minimum and I certainly do not wish to pass a further step in the process.
    Please confirm my nomination's withdraw from year 2019 consideration.
    Further, I ask that I not be considered for any future nomination for any category either presently available for nominations or any that may be created in the future.

    Robert T Mruczek
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  6. RTM's Avatar

    Got my wish...

    -----Original Message-----

    From: International Video Game Hall of Fame <>

    Sent: Sat, Jun 1, 2019 4:28 pm

    Subject: Re: RTM REPLY - International Video Game Hall of Fame Nomination

    Thanks you for your reply. I will remove your name from consideration.
    Julie BarwickIVGHOF, Board of Directors
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  7. timmell's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by ILLSeaBass
    Are Billy Mitchell and Todd Rogers still IVG Hall of Famers or were they booted after they were outed for cheating?
    Sadly Billy is a acting board member. Shows you how screwed up the IVGHOF is. It had a good start, then egos got involved.
  8. datagod's Avatar
    congratulations Robert. with your legendary status here at Twin Galaxies it's about time that another organization recognized your contributions.

    I see that you're not exactly overjoyed about the nomination and perhaps that nomination was made in jest. But I do recall somebody nominating Rudy ferretti.

    Rudy hated the organization cuz they ignored him and then he begged to be recognized by them. He's just such a funny guy.

    I don't see that organization as legit. too many people just shaking each other's hands nominating each other because they showed up the first year Etc.

    that organization nominated Josh Jones for his charity work. But I don't recall him being a world-class charity raising type of person. I know he was involved with a couple charities here and there but in reality aren't we all? I just think that they felt sorry because he passed away so they nominated him and accepted him into their Hall of Fame. I think it would have been appropriate if they had an honorarium for him or something like that but just to invite someone in because he's your friend that just shows that the organization is not actually valued or else worth.
  9. The Evener's Avatar

    Unfortunately, Walter's legacy in the gaming community has been forever altered by his close association with Billy Mitchell and a small cohort of related gamers, an association so close that his referee attire masked his lost objectivity and impartiality and undermined his long-standing vision for rules-based competitive gaming. That said, I don't begrudge anyone who takes a pass on calling out a close friend for actions that fall below the standards and expectations of competitive gaming, but that's a line that should never have been blurred by anyone donning the stripes. Despite this situation, Walter will always stand out as a visionary for being one of the first adults in the room to tell kids like me back in the 80s that games were more than just "a waste of time," and for promoting camaraderie and competition. I do think that there are committed people who are participating in the IVHOF who want to build on TG's historical link to Ottumwa and aspire to have an organization that rises above the fault-lines and conflict in the community, perhaps their influence won't be fully felt until others retire from the IVGHOF.

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  10. RTM's Avatar

    A Hall of Fame of some sort is a great idea...but ideally it works best when it largely works independently with limited input and influence from the industry which it both chronicles and rewards.

    Walter's biggest contribution to gaming is that his initial vision brought gamers together who otherwise would never have known about how their counterparts were doing across the globe on the very same titles that they enjoyed playing. It was the next and major step up from the old Activision newsletter.

    If it wasn't for Walter, I would not be on this very forum communicating with gamers like myself, nor would I be able to learn just how high people can score at titles that I enjoyed playing or merely watching.

    That much is forever set in stone as it is the true legacy of his vision...bringing gamers together across the globe.

    That stated, I'm still quite adamant about not being a part of the IVGHOF roll of nominees, never mind anything beyond.

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  11. RTM's Avatar

    Here's what a Hall of Fame for video games should look like.


    1st - a "Board of Directors" of some sort, a group with industry experience that has zero interest in the outcome of any particular award category or recipient, and one that is community savvy enough to determine just what is worth honouring in terms of categories, adjusting for changing times and developments in the hobby accordingly

    2nd - a "Review Panel" that obtains, collates and vettes all nominees for any category or categories being honoured. Such people should not be specific to the industry but must have administration/clerical experience including research/fact-checking experience.

    3rd - a "secretary" which chronicles each year's honorees and categories including the vetting process and voter tallies, for archival and future research/integrity purposes


    1st - determining what category or categories will be honoured including the format for nomination and frequency, although annual seems to be the one that makes traditional sense.

    2nd - there are far too many great gamers out there, each in their own way, and even when talking in terms of the "best of the best...of the best", there are always a large number to consider, especially if you contemplate that at any given time there are more than a hundred million gamers worldwide in total

    Individual gamer accolades are both inherently discriminatory and divisive and it should be re-thought whether any specific person(s) are honoured. The process itself has been subverted and tarnished even dating back to pre-1987 when a certain LA-based gamer had the first "idea" for a Hall of Fame...one featuring himself, and when that was ignored by then-TG management the follow-up idea of three (3) gamers featured (one of which was himself).

    But perhaps the ultimate example of why individual gamer accolades should be avoided at all cost..."Player of the Century Billy Mitchell"...an accolade awarded from a pool one one (1) eligible gamer selected...Billy.

    3rd - honouring great GAMES makes the most sense as one such category. The Toy Hall of Fame operates with similar purpose. And unlike gamers...who can tarnish their image over time...a title cannot. Determine a maximum of 5-10 titles per year to be similarly nominated. I would recommend up to 10. Voting tallies should be made public.

    4th - another category worth tracking...great performances. These would be well-established performances that set the bar on the title involved. I would recommend 1-5 such console-based performances annually PER platform era...Arcade, Golden Era Console (pre-SNES), Silver-Era Console (make a determination...pre-XBOX), Bronze-era (XBox and thereafter)...some type of era-based methodology.

    Further I would recommend 1-5 arcade performances (across all eras), and 1-5 pinball performances (either all era or modern-vs-vintage making some determination as to where the eras break...or a golden-era, silver-era and bronze-era breakdown)

    Bottom line, establish both the categories, annual limits, etc.

    5th - beyond titles and performances, some of the oldest "Who's Who" in gaming design/manufacturing are either up there or deceased, so while it is nostalgic to honour people like Ralph Baer, Eugene Jarvis, etc, it is formulaic.

    Instead, honour major conceptual and developmental changes in gaming across the years. For example, honour the person/company that came up with the idea of the "flippers" in pinball.

    I know that there is a "feel good" element to honouring the key people in gaming, but it's quite literally so "been there/done that"...I don't feel it is even necessary, to be honest. Plus, it is almost a cry for credibility by citing people that you never actually dealt with just because they are the big name in the hat of choices and draw attention.

    6th - work with the gaming community as far as any meaningful award category or categories not yet considered, so long as ones already deemed to be avoided are not revisited without good reason

    7th - establish a code of integrity inclusive of caveats that no employee or relative of employees may vote, nominate or BE nominated

    8th - one more important point, and I covered this in depth with an older TG post on the subject matter...under no circumstances issue an award or "proclamation" for "Player of the Century", "of the Decade" or "of the Year"...NO exception.


    Once the infrastructure and core agenda is determined, a clean-slate start is required.

    NO MORE "Friends of Walter/Billy" crap. Period. That mantra should be drilled into the heads of all staffers of this hypothetical entity.

    That stated, the first "year" should be a complete one, meaning get the infrastructure, mission statement and core agenda up and running publicly before the clock starts ticking on the "Year One" process.

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