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06-10-2019 at 10:57 AM
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Undisputed Champions - Update ?

Just asking if anyone has the time to update the following thread. I might be able to do so later in June during a vacation but that's up in the air for the moment.


There's another somewhat related thread on TGTS records and how long it has been since each was surpassed, but both of these threads haven't been updated in several years and the direct-access to the TG database to perform a quick update still does not exist after repeated requests over the years to Jace and his team.


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    I actually forgot that there was a third thread created called "Celebrating 25 (or More) Years at the Top"...I was thinking about updating this one as well...


    And it would R E A L L Y help if TG could afford some some degree of access into getting a data dump or custom extract to help streamline updating schedules like this rather than doing so via painstaking manual means.

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