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12-26-2019 at 02:19 AM
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Venture (Atari 2600) - $50 Up for Grabs

Thought I'd get an official "Bounty" on the books before the "2010's" come to an end. But I need some advice on the "when" as far as payment goes (see below) otherwise

I am offering $50.00 to the first submitted score in accordance with current TGSAP policy (i.e. video uploaded to TG site) that beats my own 38,900 on th Atari 2600 title "Venture"...same variation and rules that exist in the TG database, on either original or emulator, I don't care which.

In the event that multiple people turn in a higher score the "bounty" goes to the earlier submission timestamp.

Payment will be made via gamer's choice of PayPal or US Postal Money Order.

Now for the advice part since this could set a precedent for future such offerings...at what precise point should the payment be tendered under "TGSAP" ? Only once the score is "Accepted" and enters into the TG database (which could take awhile) or at some point earlier, and if so when and why ?

Otherwise, this $50 is up for grabs as 2019 comes to a close...no "expiration" date since this is a small offering.

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  1. RTM's Avatar

    BTW, that's USD $50.00 (fifty dollars).

  2. RaGeNyC's Avatar

    Is that a typo? Your score in the database is 320,000...And 38,900 isn't much of a challenge ;)

    I love Wizard of Wor. The arcade is one of my favorites. The C64 version is excellent, too. The 2600 version is pretty good (the flicker drives me crazy though).

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  3. The Evener's Avatar

    I was thinking the same about River Raid - I think it boils down to the discretion of the bounty poster in this case. I was going to formally state that the bounty will be issued once the score is formally adjudicated/entered onto the scoreboard, but if there's a case where it that formal entry is dragging on I would exercise discretion.

  4. RTM's Avatar

    Dang, I meant Atari 2600 "Venture" !! Too bad I can't edit the initial post.

    Oh well, this applies to "Venture" and NOT "Wizard or Wor" which was already broken. Sorry about that :(

    Thankfully I spotted that little red pen and could indeed edit the initial post. Thanks for pointing this out :)

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  5. Ninglendo's Avatar

    Awesome to see you bring back the bounties Robert!

  6. RTM's Avatar

    Just one for now to test the waters and see how it goes...a good way to "get the kinks out" in terms of considerations and so forth before a formalized method is available to us.

    Lesson #1 - always be sure to thoroughly proofread what you type in such offerings :)

  7. Snowflake's Avatar

    This is a serious challenge. I think the toughest thing about atari venture at that point level, isnt even what you normally think of as the challenge earlier on. its the outer hallways, the damn monsters are so fast and random (is anytihng truly random? maybe thats the key?) thats its not even about the typical skills anymore, its just about not having a hall monster hit you

  8. RTM's Avatar

    There are a number of games where randomness, sometimes at just key points, is all that separates a good score from becoming a great score.

    Case #1 - "Crazy Climber" (arcade)

    When I was watching Jason Cram years back as he kept increasing his personal best, it became apparent that stages 3 and 4, then 7 and 8, had moments where the game either screwed you or it did not. You either guessed the correct side of the building or you did not and a giant girder whacked you causing a life loss.

    Unless there is a way around this, that's my first example.

    Case #2 - "Super Cobra" (arcade)

    There are a few moments within the game where you are literally helpless...one in stage 5, another in stage 8, but the worst of the worst is in stage 10 ("The Maze").

    The first big drop in the game is a crap-shoot. There is a triple-whammy combination of a tank firing and both fast and slow launching rockets. There are a number of scenarios within this area which make successfully clearing this section absolutely impossible.

    In fact, and I've stated this on the forum several times before, in my absolute best start of the game I reached the end of the second maze on my 1st ship, and the beginning of the 3rd maze on my 2nd ship. And sadly, with world champion Don Hayes watching nearby, I lost every single one of my remaining ships back-to-back at this junction, utterly helpless to get by due to the worst luck imaginable. What could have been a massive score was (for me) a mediocre 175-185K.

    Case #3 - "Time Bandit" (Atari ST)

    This one is a case where luck does not prevent you from continuing the game but instead determines whether you are rewarded with a key object necessary for a perfect ending to the game.

    One of the Egyptian-themed areas has a sort of "maze" to cross with quite literally a 50/50 chance of guessing correctly. Choose right and you will be rewarded an Artifact object which you MUST have in order to finish the game and obtain the final Artifact at the very end (assuming you even survive that long).

    Another themed area has a kind of underground gauntlet at the very end...but you have to choose the right hole to go down. Choose right and you get to run a gauntlet for some serious additional points. Choose wrong and you don't. Such 50/50 "guess" moments in gaming I really can't stand...not fair to the gamer, not at all.

    I firmly believe that there are a number of games where "luck" does come into play at key moments.

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  9. Conjured Entertainment's Avatar

    The "luck games" (best randomness programming, or 50/50 bonuses) simply require repetition and time. (if you can afford time - this reminds me of the movie "In Time" starring Justin Timberlake)

    You have to "try, try gain" until you succeed in hitting the right sequence.

    If you "don't stop trying", then you will eventually get "lucky".

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  10. RTM's Avatar

    Agreed...luck or not it comes down to just keep on trying...not unlike gambling, when you think about it.

    If a "Ms Pacman" master keeps on playing thru the kill screens, much as Abdner does, eventually a game is going to come up with a very favourable fruit distribution...at least one that is way better than average...and thus a score in the 980K and up range will be attained...it's just a matter of when if you keep at it.

    Though easier said than done at 3+ hours per kill screen at that title !!

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  11. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    Silly example, mebbe, but was showing Son how to use his Harmony cart this A.M., one of the games we played was Kool Aid Man.

    When I played it for my posted score, I didn't actually know much about the game, just "tried my hardest"(I almost always scan manuals before playing games now), and I actually got incredibly lucky, haven't come close to that score again, and have tried to nip JD on EMU several times with no success.

    Anyway, I played a couple levels real quick, to show him how the game worked and I swear I got three or four waters/koolaids on each level I played.

    Then my Son tried it, got one water in the course of two levels.

    Obviously, you can be "good" at the game, nipping Thirsties before they get your water, but you really have to have a good "set"(luck)on your water replenishment, or you won't last long.

    Kool-Aid Man is waay more fun than it should be, btw, one that's hard to put down.


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  12. Snowflake's Avatar

    yeah the luck is much easier said than done. when a game is long each retry can be 30 minutes of life. additionally, when the luck invovles numerous random things in a row, well even a 50/50 chacne, just 10 of them in a row 2^10=1024. i aint playing 500 hrs of a game just to get that one time. the luck on some games is far far more extreme than others. obvioulsy if it was just one 50/50 risk i'd suck it up and reset, but at some point the luck requires way too much resetting and you just gotta accept the other guy got luck you'll never match

    as for koolaid man, heck yeah, way funner than it loooks. and the intellivsion koolaid man is a completley different game, its an adventure game not an action game. you might enjoy that one too but for completley different reasons. you run around a house getting items while simultanelsouly controlling two kids so its got some real time strategy splitting of your consciousness going on.

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  13. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    Oh, another one!!!

    Friggin Word Zapper.


    Haha, I found the new word to make faster times possible, ("Four")(I spell reel gud), and kinda pulled off a "Wow" pushing the "max" on it, but didn't quite do it as cleanly as possible, wound up getting Degged.

    One of the carts my Man Garrett sent recently was Word Zapper, so I figured I could just fire that up real quick, try a little harder and tie the new fastest possible time, impress him a bit.

    Three or four days. Well over a thousand resets. Even if I "miss" on my time, I still shoot the words, "just to see" if I had the right sequence.


    Not one single time.

    Five or six 20 minute tapings, at least, and the randomness of the game hasn't rewarded me yet.


    Pretty sure I'm over it, but hate coming up short, I may give it some more time eventually.

    I don't know INT Kool-Aid Man well, but for some reason I'm thinking it reminds me of Halloween on 2600?

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  14. RTM's Avatar

    I'm quite anxious to seeing who is the winner of this "bounty" as I have a good feeling that it will be claimed in short order.

    By all means, feel free to send me a PM to alert me that a submitted score/post is open for adjudication, and thanks !!

  15. Conjured Entertainment's Avatar

    yeah the luck is much easier said than done. when a game is long each retry can be 30 minutes of life. additionally, when the luck involves numerous random things in a row, well even a 50/50 chance, just 10 of them in a row 2^10=1024. i ain't playing 500 hrs of a game just to get that one time


    The faster paced games are better, so the hardest ones are good for the repetition runs in the hopes of getting lucky.

    Stage 1 challenges on the fast paced games are fun for luck runs, like DK.

    Quote Originally Posted by RTM

    I'm quite anxious to seeing who is the winner of this "bounty" as I have a good feeling that it will be claimed in short order.

    I doubt it will be me after trying a couple of times on an emulator.

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