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01-26-2020 at 11:00 AM
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City Connection (Arcade/MAME)

Recent submissions have reminded me of what a nuisance this title was to track years back. Yes, there was oil can gathering up front but as soon as that third balloon came off you went into the next stage.

I'm contemplating opening up a new category for most screens CLEARED based on the standard allotment of lives in the game (and before the "Defender" effect takes place after the 900K mark).

The record would be a whole number, regardless of score, point-pressing, etc, and strictly would reflect screens wholly cleared (whether by balloon skip or by completing all platform areas within a screen.

Opinion(s) ?

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  1. Lexa's Avatar

    that's a good idea

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    Here's my rules proposal...thoughts, before I set it up for MAME ? The "title" seems a bit lame so suggestions are appreciated :)


    City Connection - screen completion challenge
    (I changed the suggested title from "screen progress challenge"...any suggestions for something better ?)

    ROMSet: CityCon

    Lives: starting lives 3, maximum bonus lives 2, total lives 5

    Unknown: Off [All]

    Cabinet: Upright

    Record is based on completed screens only regardless of score, and regardless of whether balloon-warping or completing platforms are used to progress within the game.

    Special Rules: An Extra Life is awarded at 100,000 Points and every 200,000 Points there after. Performance ends after loss of 5th life.

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    Updated 01-26-2020 at 02:11 PM by RTM (Word change - "progress" to "completion")
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    Based on the open-queue submissions, if each was re-submitted within the upcoming new category, the rankings would be as follows...

    Robert Macauley (351,100) - 6 (reached screen 7)

    Matt Sales (964,700) - 3 (reached screen 4)

    Darren Mcgahey (567,500) - 2 (reached screen 3)

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    Inaugural submission is "5". Lots of rust after not playing since 2003.

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