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01-26-2020 at 08:15 PM
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Mario Kart (SNES) Rules

I'm reasonably certain that I never verified an original SNES "Kart" performance before (although I did watch MANY MK64 runs).

I was watching a YT video on the history of "Rainbow Road" and a most curious element of the video I thought was worth sharing as there does not seem to be a provision either for or against this in the TG rules for the platform/title.

The following video link starts at the 4:17 mark and ends...listen thru the 5:22 mark.

Title of video is "The History of Rainbow Road World Records" by user "Summoning Salt" in case you are having problems with the link.

I'm not sure I ever heard of this hardware modification trick before...or at least I never read any forum post on it that I can easily recall, although maybe one of my former colleagues did discuss it at one point within the forum. Even so, I don't remember this one.

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  1. Rogerpoco's Avatar


    That's the "NBT", or "New Boost Technique".

    It's pretty common, even necessary, for competitors on worldwide Mario Kart to make the D-pad modification.

    I would think it would be disallowed here, and it's pretty easy to spot it being used so policing it shouldn't be that tough.

    For one thing, it lets you cut corners off course, at full speed, BIG advantage!

    Not on a high-horse, if it's "fine", that's Fine, no worries to me.

    I had watched that vid before, it "started" right at the spot you were pointing out!!!

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  2. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    Speaking of SNES SMK, I haven't seen Daniel in a while...


    He'd really crept into "top buds" status with me, I hope we see him again!

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  3. thegamer1185's Avatar

    NOT ORIGINAL, NOT ALLOWED....HAHAHA, almost made it through that one without laughing. I was so close. Seriously, modded controllers I think would not be allowed unless on a new track.

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  4. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by thegamer1185

    NOT ORIGINAL, NOT ALLOWED....HAHAHA, almost made it through that one without laughing. I was so close. Seriously, modded controllers I think would not be allowed unless on a new track.

    Don't get me wrong-it's very interesting to me, and I DO see where it can/should be utilized by the serious specialists who have cracked a way to the fastest possible times-mebbe in my eventual retirement, I'll even be interested in checking it out myself, and new tracks for NBT would be fine, but like you mentioned, new tracks would be fine, but I'd prefer the current tracks to be with a "regular working" controller, even if not factory stock.

    It's almost like two different games/challenges, and I certainly respect both, but even if I could do/was good at the NBT, I'd still want to know my/the top times for non-NBT.

    On that note, BTW, both are actually respected in their own right by the SMK specialist community, so I think that's the answer.

    The real "pro's" note it differently, so we probably should too.

    That took a lot of thinking for an obvious answer, but I think that's it.

    Yay Me!


  5. Pixe Sukola's Avatar

    Hey guys, even tho' Im not submitting anything lately and probably wont do it until I reach Platinum rank in League of Legends, I keep an eye on stuff. NBT has been around for almost 10 years now but it is still very very hard to do, less than 5% of SMK players uses it and it doesnt matter if your controller is original or not, it can be done with both, the first players to do this discovered it by accident when playing on a very worn original controller.

    Like Roger said, NBT is fairly easy to spot once you are very familiar with the game, so I dont think special ruling is needed, this is a glitch and glitches are prohibited. So in the rare event that somebody submits a run here using NBT, it should be rejected under the rule of glitches.

    Don't worry Roger, I WILL be back, and I consider you one of my closest buddies in the video game world too. You are awesome!

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