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01-27-2020 at 08:29 PM
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Today's Money Players - What's Next ?


The above link takes you to an interesting article detailing the current climate within which modern "money players" operate in terms of market-value, rewards and branding.

There is no doubt in my mind that today's players have a golden, and I do mean golden, opportunity to make boatloads of cash doing what they enjoy best. I won't argue about the downside of this other than what seems to happen to the few who can't handle the high-profile requirements of representing a brand at such a relatively young age.

It seems clear that while their gaming acumen in today's modern-era challenges is quite high, some simply can't handle it much like having an 8 year old in a high school senior class. Book smarts they have...street smarts and social smarts not so much.

But what mostly concerns me is that with multi-million dollar contracts being thrown at high schoolers and possibly even lower one day, the "old days" where some parents pushed their kids to excel at physical sports or music/acting might conceivably be replaced with gaming in the hopes of a lucrative future. And that's the downside for the generation yet to come.

Just like so many generations before had a hundred thousand kids striving to be the next "Earl the Pearl" in street basketball with the hopes of making it to the NBA, tomorrow's generation might have even more kids all playing "Fortnight 10" or something even though only so many slots are available by sponsors.

Unlike physical sports there is a highly unlikely chance of a "career-ending injury" in the world of eSports unless, quite jokingly, an eSports superstar has a pratfall exiting an airplane or something like that.

Buckets of cash were never thrown out to this degree and in such quantities as it is now with eSports as compared to how the physical sports leagues operated decades ago, so there is going to be a clear shift down the line of where the next generation of kids (and even how the parents view their potential cash cows-to-be) see themselves career-wise.

My hope is that reality kicks in...a small proportion of competitive games can earn a living in eSports compared to all why try. So as much as the hundred thousand and more would-be NBA'ers, MLB'ers, NFL'ers, etc found it difficult to become part of franchises which employed no more than several hundred players each in any given season, down the line there could be millions of would-be eSport "champions" finding out that it's even harder.

My point being...unless tomorrow's generation of gamers has a grip on the reality of their gaming dreams of eSports stardom there are going to be millions of would-be champions who never got their shot.

And hopefully some of tomorrow's parents will not be pressuring their kids to getting good at "Fortnite 10" instead of studying hard to get their degree for fallback purposes.

Just an opinion.

  1. Snowflake's Avatar

    i mean sure everything has its downsides, but i think sports is agood analogy for this. most adults realize that most kids arent gonna be pro sports stars and make their kids study in addition to playing. the kids are of course delusional and all think they're gonna be famous athletes some day but thats where its the parents job to know better. school used have rules about keeping your grades up or being kicked off the team. im sure there are a few delusional parents who push their delusional kids, and who knows maybe some of them arent delusioanl and it'll actually work out, but for the most parts I think parents will be smart enough to guide their kids correctly

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