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04-17-2020 at 08:18 PM
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Beat My Atari 2600 "Venture" Record & Win USD $125 !!

(Posting to the Wall as per a suggestion by "Barra")


Hello fellow gamers:

Just received an E-MAIL from someone questioning my Atari 2600 "Venture" record...Rudy.

I'm not going to bash him at all as it was not a score I just did a half-a** attempt at, I actually liked the title. Someone else questioned this score several months back as well.

I recall posting a small "bounty" several months back, but no takers. I'm upping it to USD$125.00 (one hundred twenty fix US dollars) which is a decent amount in these unsure times. (Note that I increased it from $100 on 4/18)

Prize goes to the FIRST submitted score to the TG submission forum (which must also be subsequently validated by the TGSAP community). To be clear, only a single prize of USD$125 will be paid out...in the unlikely event of a tie, whoever submitted the score first (assuming validation occurs) will be the winner.

I did it on an original 2600 so the attempt must be made on an original 2600 (no emulator). First submission posted to the TG site for review...once validated by the community...gets the reward via PayPal (ASAP) or US Postal Money Order (mailed via snail-mail on the 1st Saturday after validation occurs).

Reward is only open to TG submitters on this site...a post to YouTube alone but NOT to the TG site won't count, for example.

That's it, and if you beat my score you get to bring down my ESI index at the same time. Good luck, one and all.


UPDATE (4/18) - I received about six (6) MORE E-MAILs from Rudy since the first one...please, someone beat my score so I can get him to shut up already !!

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  1. RTM's Avatar

    Geez, for Pete's sake already :(

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  2. Snowflake's Avatar

    i'll vouch thats a serious record. we've had our run ins, so take this as an insult or a compliment, but that record is unbelievable.

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  3. Snowflake's Avatar

    that said i bet garrett can do it ;)

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  4. lexmark's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Snowflake

    that said i bet garrett can do it ;)

    Pressure is on Garrett.



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  5. Barra's Avatar

    Todd claimed 913,200, should be a piece of cake ;)

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  6. Snowflake's Avatar

    the issue is the RNG i have no doubt with save states its super easy. but on the overworld its like just pure bad luck the monsters will block and get you. so its possible, and maybe theres skill i dont understand, but it felt to me like it was ridiculous unfair luck

  7. redelf's Avatar

    I might try to make some attempts on this during the weekend or early next week. I know though that since it's a score that Robert put up and put a bounty on it might take many days to weeks of frustration before I start to get close to the score.

    Your ESI won't go down, it can only go down if a score is removed. Say your #1 out of 5 scores and just receive the 4 points and don't worry about the bonus. Someone beats your score you are now #2 of 6 and still received 4 points from those below you.

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  8. Snowflake's Avatar

    Redelf you’re thinking psi not esi

    I’m typing from mobile but look up esi the furmuks is complex and beating first place can change their esi down or even in rare cases even up

  9. redelf's Avatar

    I guess you could also lose points if someone below you submits again and beats your score or get closer to your score.

  10. RTM's Avatar

    Honestly, I hope that someone beats the pants off my score...really !!

    It's like when someone finally put up a great score on "Infiltrate" without the hunting tactic that we thought was the only way possible years back...as a gamer and former TG referee it thrills me when gamers can pull off beating games that mystified, stymied or otherwise seriously challenged me back in the day.

    Remember some of my favourite "bounties" that resulted from decades past...

    -> 1-life-only completions of Runner" (SNES), "Trog" (MAME), "Pipi & Bibs (MAME), "VS Goonies" (MAME) (though VS Goonies MIGHT have been a single-life two-loop completion, I forget)
    -> Wave 100 reached on "Joust 2" (Arcade)
    -> New world records on "Coconuts" and "King Kong" (2600)
    -> Sub-minute completion of "Crazy Party" on "Crazy Taxi" (Sega DC)
    -> Fastest completion record on "Roger Rabbit" (2600)
    -> New world record on "Frogger" and "Super Missile Attack" (Arcade)
    -> World's 1st 100K on "Stratovox" (MAME)
    -> Martin Bedard beating my world's 1st 100K on "Galaxian Part IV" by nearly doubling my score

    There were so many more...and it was a thrill to watch each of these challenges fall.

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    Updated 04-18-2020 at 12:03 AM by RTM
  11. RTM's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Barra
    Todd claimed 913,200, should be a piece of cake ;)

    RTM REPLY - truth be told, many years back when I was still submitting console scores on the XBox I was quite proud of my six course-based records on "Simpsons Road Rage", one in particular as I found a way to "loop" the course, and I also scored quite highly driving around like a madman on the default course for the record that I submitted.

    Rodrigo (no comments please) found out ways to loop the remaining six tracks in ways that I would have never thought of on my own, thus giving me five slices of humble pie at the same time. He actually never bothered to beat the sixth course record which I had out of respect for me which was quite generous of him. In turn I never used his own discoveries to take back the other five records as I would never have thought of those tactics myself.

    Point being...a way MIGHT exist to play "Venture" better than anything any gamer has discovered...and shared. I'd be pleased as can be if someone would smash the record, and not just Rudy will finally shut the heck up about it. Those floor monsters are real game changers and can shoot a great game down in short order, that's for sure, but if someone is skilled enough to make chump change out of them, I'd really like to see it done :)

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  12. Fly's Avatar

    I've gotten dozens of emails about my scores being fake over the years. They quiet down real fast when I provided videos, not just VCR or screen captures. Me busting out those scores. Works every time.

    Rather than say it's real cuz someone else beat it, do it yourself. Someone else doing it won't silence your critics.


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  13. Snowflake's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by RTM

    Those floor monsters are real game changers and can shoot a great game down in short order, that's for sure, but if someone is skilled enough to make chump change out of them, I'd really like to see it done :)

    You did see it ... when you did it

    If all you’re wanting is visuals of how it’s done to prove to Rudy it’s possible then this would just be another reason why it would be great for the tg archives to get uploaded

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  14. RTM's Avatar

    The comments from Rudy never stop !!

    Hector, with all due respect, I'm done with the "proving myself" hoop-jumping. I'm not going to at this point buy a 2600 system, buy the cart, buy a TV that I can hook it up to, just to show Rudy (a banned gamer) what is and is not possible, for a game that I played for a brief period of time 20 years ago when my goal was to set as many 2600 records as I could.

    Some records, sure, I have no problems with them...anything on MAME of course, and anything arcade which is in the ACAM collection (and working well), but for a 2600 title, I would be happy to do so with an emulator if someone could help me with both the setup and how I could possibly use a comparable joystick to do so in a Windows environment.

    The reality is, the score I set, I never thought it was "outstanding", it was simply the best that I could pull off at the time after multiple attempts and practice, I did not feel it was critical that I mastered the title. I never bothered to play it again after it was submitted nearly two decades ago...it was beaten (purportedly) by Todd and I accepted that as he had beaten so many of my previous records by wide margins.

  15. RTM's Avatar

    I took a look at my remaining record count for the 2600 NOT counting shared records due to tied max scores such as "M.A.S.H.", some Activision titles, etc....1st place scores only. I am down to just seven (7) out of the majority of my 2600 submissions which dated as far back as 1998 thru approx 2002/2003 at the latest for the most part.

    What's left is not "stellar", although I do take pride in having invested the time to achieve each one.

    1st - Breakout (1B fastest completion) - 3:45 (2002 - Time Deca event)
    Second Best - 4:22 (Jonathan Ewing in 2002)

    COMMENT - this is my sole time-based score from the only "Time Deca" event in TG history. In fact it is the only one of my scores from that event which Todd did not beat during the event.

    For those interested - https://www.twingalaxies.com/showthread.php/109210-Twin-Galaxies-Atari-2600-Timed-Deca-Final-Results

    2nd - Dark Chambers - 585,370 (2000)
    Second Best - 299,820 (Mark Feldt in 1999)

    COMMENT - for those who do not know, this is one B-O-R-I-N-G game !! Nowhere near as boring as "Space Jockey", but a close second. My game never came to a "game death" conclusion...I did something way stupid and was unable to finish a level. There was a "block" if I remember correctly to exiting a screen and I was unable to do anything about it as I killed all the enemies and wasted whatever "bombs" I had. The game is a revolving pattern of repeating stages and some have these danger areas where if you are not careful you can get yourself boxed in and unable to complete a stage. That's how my game ended. I was fully intent to reach a million but screwed up. It was so boring that I never tried again. The score itself is VERY beatable, just a matter of someone literally sacrificing the time to do it as it is an exercise in boredom.

    3rd - Gas Hog - 21,670 (2000)
    Second Best - 18,180 (Dick Moreland in 2016)

    COMMENT - this one actually surprises me to some extent. It was not a cheap game to buy an original of via Ebay, I think it cost me something like $92 before shipping due to a bidding war. I'm only a small amount ahead of someone else after 20 years, and that is quite surprising !!

    4th - Jawbreaker - 44,500 (2002)
    Second Best - 30,640 (Peter Nadalin in 2017)

    COMMENT - I admit that I had a bit of an edge on this title having learned it from the Atari 800 platform many years prior, but even so my score is not "stellar" by any means. The game has a simple strategy and the score is quite do-able. Takers ? Might be good for my next "bounty" after someone claims "Venture" !!

    5th - Space Invaders (7B) - 5,135 (2002 - Deca event)
    Second Best - 4,565 (John McCallister in 2017)

    COMMENT - I played this title and all games 1-16 heavily back in the day and was no slouch at the title, but 7B was a killer of a combination...only games 15/16 (invisible) were worse. What I don't understand is...my score was from a TG 2600 Deca event and I was not even the best score on this challenge from that event !! What happened to the other scores ? I do know that one which beat me was Corcoran and his was removed, but a few others did as well. The best was in the 7K range, around 7500, and I was told by Corcoran that the "secret" involved a quick move to the right and back tgo the left to cause the invaders to momentarily stop firing which was enough to have at least a chance on surviving the opening two seconds each wave once they were right over your head (ship). I never understood that as try as I may I could never duplicate that tactic, but at least one other gamer other than Corcoran (it wasn't Todd) cracked 7K that event, I just can't remember who. My score was in the top 5 or 6. John M is close and likely can beat me if he tries again.

    6th - Turmoil - 292,450 (2000 - Deca event)
    Second Best - 153,090 (Alan Hewston in 2000)

    COMMENT - I was quite proud of this score as it was something that I worked very hard to pull off, BUT Corcoran put up something like 800K either during the event of post-event and Todd put up 1.2M or 1.4M and I was admittedly feeling like my best effort was just not good enough...nowhere close to it, in fact. It's a great game and I enjoyed practicing it and getting the feel for it. Funny thing is, I recently watched a submission to TG on the title by one of three recent people to break 130K and one of these three used a defensive tactic that I never considered using myself !! That tells me that had I known about that tactic I could have scored even higher, so yes, this score is definitely do-able BUT it did require practice. It's a GREAT game, I highly recommend trying it out !!

    7th -Venture - 38,900 (2000)
    Second Best - 31,900 (TIE - Stephen Riesenberger in 2001, Stephen Knox in 2003)

    COMMENT - this is the bone of contention. The entire game comes down to the hall monsters...unpredictable, they can turn a great game around in seconds with back-to-back game deaths. Still, this was not one of those titles where I invested months into it. I like "Venture", a lot, even though I suck to the four winds at the arcade classic, so this scaled down version gave me at least a fighting chance to last awhile. And I did !! But this is not a legacy calibre score such as in my opinion by 500K+ on "Montezuma's Revenge" for the CV platform which I am most proud of. This was just a game which I put more than usual gameplay into it in pursuit of a decent personal best for the then-Snipercade leaderboard.

    SYNOPOSIS -I wish that I did have the snapshots of the old Snipercade leaderboards from 1998 thru 2002. They were "off-TG" and served as the high score "hit list" for myself, Corcoran, Todd, Stephen Knox, and at the time my fellow competitors such as Alan Hewston, Mark Feldt, Jonathan Ewing, Robert Macauley and more. You actually were very happy with seeing your name "on top" and taking down the previous top scorers of that era (usually Lafe Travis)

    My Top 10 fondest 2600 memories of competing (non-deca event) within that era...in no particular order...

    1st - battling with Alan Hewston for the top score on "Entombed" (I never beat him and was always in a distant second BUT was the only other gamer to achieve 100 points plus at the title...our top two spots remain unchanged for 20 years and I'm quite proud of that even though my own score is just 2nd place

    2nd - taking down all of Lafe Travis' scores on "Star Ship" (an oldie but a goodie) (all of my records since beaten)

    3rd - battling with Mark Feldt on "Ghost Manor" (both of our scores since beaten by several gamers)

    4th - trying to get that perfect score on "Miniature Golf" but never even coming close

    5th - discovering "Room of Doom" and setting the inaugural scores per challenge (all of which have since been beaten)

    6th - discovering "Coconuts" which is one of the most fastest and unfair 2600 titles of all time

    7th - discovering "Frankenstein's Monster" and setting a near-perfect score of 4,480 which though beaten is still in a respectable 3rd

    8th - for a BRIEF while I was the top scorer on "Texas Chainsaw Massacre"

    9th - I finally learned how to play "Spiderman" well although Stephen Knox got like 4x my personal best !!

    10th - working with Todd to determine what the absolute fastest time on "Superman" could be if everything went perfectly (it was 47 seconds for sure, but we debated on whether 1-2 seconds less was also do-able)...I enjoyed the discussion and planning even more than the gameplay attempts !!

    My Top 10 greatest disappointments for the 2600 platform, specifically my own performances and efforts, and a different matter...in no particular order...

    1st - "Crypts of Chaos" - as a gamer, this title intrigued me. The instruction booklet discussed something like 17 levels of adventuring and yet the gameplay was so hard that I never made it past the 4th level...and that was only by not clearing out everything on the first three levels in the process of doing so. My disappointment is never seeing just how bad the game gets and if it is even remotely possible to get down that far let alone escaping.

    2nd - "Raiders of the Lost Ark" - this is a title which I never bothered to challenge myself on to complete...I just gave up much like I did with "Earthworld or whatever the first "Swordquest" title was

    3rd - "Star Voyager" - I remember quite well that I maxed out this title decades back...just wish I was able to do so when I was submitting to TG in the 1998-2002 era.

    4th - "Superman" - I invested a lot of time into this title years back but it wasn't until YEARS later that I learned that once you turned into Clark Kent and had to return to the Daily Planet there was a much faster path to take. I could have easily shaved off several more seconds and never knew it at the time. But years later my personal submitted best was only a shade under 1:10 and I never had a chance to submit a sub-60

    5th - "H.E.R.O." - this is a title that I enjoyed immensely both years back and decades later, but I was never able to pull off that maxed out score that I had my eyes set up. I choked badly and my TG verified best is only 699,350...I never bothered to try again

    6th - "Night Driver" - for a LONG time decades ago I was quite proud of getting a score of 80 on game "A", and no matter how many times I did this I never pulled off higher, no matter how closely I cut the corners, etc. So imagine my surprise to find out decades later than an 81 was do-able !! Oh well...I'll forever be in second place.

    7th - "Robot Tank" - I was not a "great" player at the title in my opinion...I was aware that Todd had submitted 144 (which Ron verified) and my own personal best of something like 68 was not even half of that. This is one title which I wish that I was able to "figure out" and to have scored much higher...at least to reach the extra tank awarded for 72.

    8th - "Bowling" - never pulled off a 300, not even decades back. Best I did was something like a 267

    9th - "Kaboom" - my game "A" registered best performance, a mere 20-21K range score, is forever lost to TG. Decades back I scored as high as the 47-50K range but even so 20K+ is not half bad. Even so, when I first saw Todd's score of 960,001 posted that kind of seriously deflated my sense of accomplishment (although decades later it was eventually removed). Still, I wish that my TG-submitted score was entered into the TG database...turns out a lot of my older scores are missing, but I have no idea how many there are, but this one I am sure of

    10th - "Pitfall" - before the concept of "Perfect Pitfall" was formally recognized by TG, Alan Hewston and I had battled during a TG deca event. He ended up with 113,998 and I ended up with 113,995 ( I tripped on the very last log like an a__hole)...anyway, I never achieved a "perfect" score of 114K at the title, although the one "plus" that I had going for me was that my performance (at the time) was the ONLY one where the majority of my path went into the opposite direction as opposed to my competitors of that era. I spent more time jumping logs than running with them. Personal choice.


    I'm not even sure of the name of this title...I can only describe it.

    You had a grid-map of "sectors" and you had to defeat enemies in each sector...there were counters of how many enemies there were per sector, and you had to be mindful of your remaining fuel. It wasn't "Star Raiders" for the 800, but I just can't remember the title of this one. I had so wanted to establish inaugural scores at the title, I just could never remember the name, and at some point I forgot about it completely so never ended up pursuing it.

    That was fun thinking back.

    But in answer to "Fly's" challenge of just doing it again, with all due respect, I'm not going to jump because Rudy says how high...especially over a non-stellar score. It's not a bad score, but it's not world-class either.

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  16. Snowflake's Avatar

    Raiders of the lost ark, much like E.T you pretty much need the instruction book. pretty impossible to figure out as you go, but once you know what to do its not bad.

    yes, earthworld is the first sword quest. another pure random chance game. i did the calculations before and i think it would take something like 40 years playing every second of the day (so clealry impossible) to go through all possiblities, meaning even 20 years of straight play would just give you a 50 percent chance of winning. I have no clue how so many people qualified to the even back then. its hard to imagine that level of luck even exists. fortunately with the interent you can find the right combo and at least see it for yourself. that still makes for a boring hollow victory but theres some satisfaction in completing even a bad game and even with relying on tips for others

    however, your score on venture is absolutley world class and stellar. as is the breakout speedrun.

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  17. RTM's Avatar

    Please, for the love of God, someone beat my score...several MORE E-MAILs just came in from Rudy, and now he's starting to get personal (small wonder that he has "escalated" yet again) :(

  18. 90skidJohnny's Avatar

    id just block the dude :(

  19. RTM's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Snowflake
    however, your score on venture is absolutley world class and stellar. as is the breakout speedrun

    RTM REPLY - thanks on the "Venture" score. The "Breakout" is beatable...possibly by as much as 15-30 seconds. The key is the quick way to punch into the bricks that accelerate the ball speed coupled with the quick way to get the ball on top where you can rip apart the formation rapidly since the space between the "ceiling" and the top of the formation is shorter than from your paddle to the bottom of the formation. Equally critical is not getting caught into a "loop" and knowing when to "ditch" as soon as possible.

    There is one game-killer here...stupidly losing a ball-in-play when only slow bricks remain...you may as well reset should that happen.

  20. datagod's Avatar

    You are not the only one he is reaching out to from beyond the grave.

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