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04-19-2020 at 05:37 PM
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Remaining "Legacy" Records

Congrats once more to Greg Degeneffe for his beating one of my long-standing Atari 2600 records !!

This had me thinking...just what are the other 1st place records that I have attributed to my name after submitting to TG from as far back as 1984 (though predominantly from 1998 thru present) ?

I took a good look, and a lot were "ties", and some are only records due to the removal of Rodrigo's scores on some modern-era console titles like "Wacky Races" and "Big Mutha Truckers", and when it is all said and done I found that there are fourteen (14) remaining records that I have attributed to my name which are truly records and which I am proud of. Just 14...not a whole lot after gaming since 1969, but here goes...


Lock On - 316,150 (11/14/2007)
Scramble (Konami) - 1,147,580 (6/02/2001) (3rd ACAM event)
Star Wars (marathon) - 300,007,894 (1/22/1984)

Pandora's Palace (1st life) - 23,280 (7/14/2017)
Super Breakout (doubles) - 1,993 (7/03/2005)
Super Galaxians - 103,300 (6/05/2018)
Up'n Down - 483,220 (3/04/2017)

ATARI 2600
Turmoil - 292,450 (6/19/2000) (Atari Deca)

Miner 2049'er - 350,590 (10/14/2000) (Atari/CV Deca)
Montezuma's Revenge = 547,350 (10/14/2000) (Atari/CV Deca)

Freedom Fighters - 863 (6/11/2004)
Pick Axe Pete (pattern 1) - 1,920 (6/11/2004)

Convert-a-Car Challenge 1 - 49.31 sec (4/14/2007)
ConverT-a-Car Challenge 2 - 49.28 sec (4/14/2007)



For starters, the above excludes "Aurcade" records such as my 1.5M on arcade "Pandora's Palace" set at ACAM during my Nov/18 vacation.

Arcade Thoughts - "Lock On" was a title where my "Star Wars" skills came heavily into play. I have to imagine that David Palmer would double or triple this if given the chance, and same goes for Brandon Erickson, but it's there are beatable for those who want to accept the challenge.

"Scramble" is very beatable, although in all fairness this score was done at the 3+1 settings at the time. Even so, McCallister and Dwayne can easily beat this.

"Star Wars" was nearly beaten by Brandon back in 2005 when he reached 285M or so (98.5%) and lost due to a combination of controller failure and hallucinations kicking in.

MAME Thoughts - my "Pandora" score is a 1st-life challenge thus not as prominent as a true WR, still it is very tough to accomplish.

"Super Breakout" is do-able...I can envision a Mike Sao Pedro and easily a Zack Hample taking it down if given the opportunity to do so.

"Super Galaxians" is one that I worked VERY hard on, but Aart could easily kick my *** in short order. It took me 2 years of hard practice to pull this off, but he did 84K in about a week. I just have a lengthier learning curve than most other gamers for the most part, though on occasion I do learn a game or two quickly.

"Up'n Down" is actually NOT my personal best...I broke 505K but the INP did not playback properly.

Atari 2600 Thoughts - "Turmoil" is the sole remaining 2600 record that I have which I put a significant effort into, but admittedly I saw in a recent submission a tactic that I never thought of back in the day. That tells me that my score is quite vulnerable...and might be my next "bounty" later in the year.

Colecovision Thoughts - the back-story here is that Corcoran ran an Atari/CV Deca across 60 days and it wasn't until 35 days into the event that my Ebay purchased CV system actually arrived (my first purchase did not work).

Even so during the event I managed to set scores of 2M on "Zaxxon" (skill 1), a then-WR on "Mr Do" (skill 1), and the above two scores...I forget the 5th title involved.

I put the most effort into "Monty" and was disappointed that I just missed clearing out the 8th level as I was very much looking forward to seeing if level 9 started out the way that I had anticipated it would.

I had the benefit of decades-old experience on the MUCH harder Atari 800 version of "Miner" so this one was easy for me...although the CV version contained an 11th stage which was not thatb ad at all.

These two scores, and the others from this event, are actually the last time in "recent" years that I learned a title/challenge with a relatively short learning curve...usually it takes me much longer to learn a title well.

Odyssey 2 Thoughts - I had experience on these titles from decades ago, but when I started to submit to TG again in 1998 I revisited some old systems like the Atari 2600 and eventually the Odyssey.

The "Freedom Fighter" score is by far much higher than I ever accomplished back in the day, but the "Pete" score is very close to my years-back personal best.

Unfortunately my final VHS tape submission to Corcoran was never validated before his incarceration and contained scores on "Pete" for all other patterns than the default.

Also my decades-back personal best for highest score in screen 1 of "Pete" was in the 700+ range (under 730) and I wish that I thought of submitting for that before getting rid of my O2. Terence sent me an emulator which I hope to soon try out and see what I can do with a keyboard.

Sega DC Thoughts - after Rodrigo's scores were removed I re-gained a bunch of Sega DC and Microsoft XBox records. In all fairness I was beaten as I watched all of his performances and saw no problems in any of them.

Even so, there are two records that I set which I am VERY proud of as they are, as far as I can tell, close to or right at the cusp of perfection.

The game has several "special vehicle challenges", two for the "Convert-a-Car", two for the "Crimson Haybailer", and a couple for "The Mean Machine".

I pulled off some absolutely stunning runs at both of the "Convert-a-Car" challenges which are within 3/100ths of a second off from each other (one challenge is the mirror-image of the other). Of all my "Wacky Races" efforts these two are the absolute toughest to beat.

Well, these fourteen are my absolute best remaining TG world records. They represent my remaining "legacy" in terms of scoring, and all but three are at least 10 years old (with one being a whopping 36 years old). I'm wondering what will remain after another ten years has passed when (by then) I'll be well into AARP territory ?

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  1. Pixe Sukola's Avatar

    I don't have most of the consoles you mentioned, only the Sega Dreamcast and after I got 1000 ESi on it I decided to put it away and it's been in a box since december of last year.

    This is a new challenge, maybe I'll try to take those 1st places on Wacky races sometime this year.

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  2. redelf's Avatar

    Save some of those bounties for when TG gets the bounty system going. You know your good when you can take down some of the last few records that Robert put time into. I hope someday that people will go after some of my records that I have put a lot of time into.

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  3. RTM's Avatar

    Pixie Sukola - "Wacky Races" is an awesome title offering a LOT of challenges. If you decide to get serious about it drop me an E-MAIL and I can send you the original EXCEL file which I used for Matt Leto, Tom, Duncan, Rodrigo Lopes and myself to keep track of best records, fastest 1st laps in Time Trial (not tracked by TG) and "fastest theoretical race" in "Time Trial".

    Sega DC also offers "18 Wheeler" which is a lot of fun and also has multiple challenges, and then there's "Crazy Taxi" (1 & 2) but those TG records for CT are all insanely hard to beat !!

    - when things calm down later in the year I am sure I will put up another "bounty" on one of my scores...won't be on SW as I would never want someone to subject themselves to a marathon, but certainly on a different record.

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  4. Snowflake's Avatar

    i took your mickey mouse record, sorcerors apprentice on atari, possibly one of yoru pick axe pete. i[ll be coming for your other pick axe pete odyssey2 on montezumas revenge coleco. honestly, nothing personal (mickey mouse was personal) but those two are just super sweet underrated games

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  5. Snowflake's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by redelf

    Save some of those bounties for when TG gets the bounty system going. You know your good when you can take down some of the last few records that Robert put time into. I hope someday that people will go after some of my records that I have put a lot of time into.

    i'm quite frustrated with myself that i only made around 30k in asteroids. i would LOVE to be able to marathon such a iconic title. i'd go after your asteroids if i got the training. i'd of course credit you with teaching me how to beat you.

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  6. RTM's Avatar

    If I remember correctly...that "Sorcerer's Apprentice" record is one which Todd claimed well over 1M on if not multi-millions. My own meager performance I let the onscreen action get out of control. Much like several titles it is up to the gamer to strike a fair balance between point acquisition and controlling the screen...this is one of those titles.

    "Asteroids" I learned using the "Weehawk" rules...5 command ships per stage thus forcing me to get better with the rocks. Decades ago I never did well on the title...perhaps I broke 50K once back then, I never rolled the title until more than 30 years later when I took on his challenge...I think I scored in the very low 150K range.

  7. Snowflake's Avatar

    its possible you rememver right, but if you do that score was removed before tgsap. again, not trying to stir the pot, but you know you and i havce a history. when i beat your sorcerors apprentice you had first place and i enjoyed taking it. trust me, there was no way i made a mistake about removing a first place of yours. that score was yours for a while, not todd's

  8. RTM's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Snowflake
    i'm quite frustrated with myself that i only made around 30k in asteroids

    RTM REPLY - back in the day only a few players throughout the day broke 40K on the title, and practically no one did so without command ship hunting.

    Why not practice using "Weehawk Rules" which were part of a GEGOTM challenge on the MARP site ? That's what prompted me to practice and roll the game for the first time ever after more than 30 years of trying. The rules were simple (or not)...no more than 5 spaceships can be destroyed in a single wave whether by your fire and/or enemy ship fire, or by crashing into a rock, your ship or an enemy ship.

    Basically it forced you to learn how to handle the rocks, a skill many players seem to have forgotten about, but it is a good core skill to develop.

  9. Snowflake's Avatar

    i swapped back and forht, but to be fair, didnt put too much terribly much time into other tactic. i did find hunting gave a higher score, thought to be honest i was never 100% convinced. the problem is after 30k the ship gets a lot harder. maybe i would get a hihger score from asteroids. rocks arent much of an issue. the problem is the rocks are worth so darn few points. then again, who knows, if i suck at UFOs as hard as i do, then as cheap as rocks are in points, maybe i would have a better chance there

  10. RTM's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Snowflake
    i took your mickey mouse record, sorcerors apprentice on atari, possibly one of yoru pick axe pete. i[ll be coming for your other pick axe pete odyssey2 on montezumas revenge coleco. honestly, nothing personal (mickey mouse was personal) but those two are just super sweet underrated games

    RTM REPLY - seeing a new "Pete" record would be awesome. I never saw a 2K or higher score myself, but those old reports on kids "hiding" at the upper left to score 9,999 is utter BS

    Good luck if you take on "Monty", and I HIGHLY recommend memorizing a map of the game...note in advance that while the pyramid form is consistent, objects and obstacles per room changes with passing levels cleared, and BE PREPARED that with each level cleared, the lowest floor in the next wave becomes invisible, and after the 2nd level is cleared then that floor PLUS the one above it is invisible !!

    When I died in the game near the end of level 8, if I remember right level 9 would have meant that either JUST the top of the pyramid would be visible or the floor below it as well...it's been too many years and I forget how many floors the pyramid had.

    The BIG "secret" in the game...use your "keys" wisely. There are objects in the game, I think they were keys, which you needed to unlock locks, but ALSO to bypass certain obstacles without dying. There are sections in later levels that you simply do not have to visit, as well as sections where you effectively go to gain 2 keys while losing 1. BUT there are sections which will cost you a key unnecessarily as you did not need to go there.

    Some sections have a nasty spider which you will want to intentionally use a key on to survive. Some sections have two spiders and are very dangerous and unpassable without taking at least one game death.

    And then...there are the avoid at all cost sections for one of two reasons. The first is that traversing BACK over that area means having to waste additional keys. The second is FAR worse...the game had, if I remember correctly, one for sure and possibly a second, area where if you go there and climb a certain ladder you lose a life for no reason whatsoever. It's a "glitch" area and the first time you encounter it trust me you will not be prepared for the sudden loss...especially f it was your last life.

    The very END of each level has a special bonus area which is not easy to reach. There are a series of ropes/chains and opportunity to win additional points...I forget if there are keys present to obtain. All I remember is to be careful here as you want to not screw up and blow the opportunity...when you get there you will see what I mean.

    Know your map WELL...especially where "big jumps" are concerned. When the floor goes inviso on you these jumps become ultra tough, and to some extent they are tough even when invisible. One such leap is, if I remember correctly, on either the floor immediately below you or the one below that.

    Proper key management will get you far in the game. Frivolous key management won't.

    I honestly do NOT remember if these "keys" max-out at any time, meaning if you have 5 and pick up a 6th that you only have 5 afterwards...it's been 20 years or so and I cannot remember such specifics.

    Good luck as this is actually one of my favourite gaming achievements of all time !! It would be nice to see a performance of it again so everyone can see just what a pain in the *** this title was for me !!
  11. Snowflake's Avatar

    i know all about monty from the atari 5200. i can marathon it on that if i want. the problem is the colecovisoin is twice as fast. and in a few key points, heck actually only one key point, double the speed is too much to handle

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