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04-26-2020 at 03:04 AM
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Turok 2 (Remastered) - Skipping "Mother" ?

This is a question for people who know the "Turok 2" title quite well.

It was "re-mastered" years back...I purchased a copy off of www.gog.com and it works fine, but something happened just now which I've never encountered before.

For this performance, which I saved along the way as I am not a "speedrunner" on the title, I was playing at the difficulty setting below hardcore, effectively max difficulty for the title.

My preferred path is after completing "Port of Arcadia" I go to "The Death Marshes" (area 3), then "The Hive of the Mantids" (area 5), before attempting "The River of Souls" (area 2), "The Lair of the Blind Ones" (area 4) and finally the "Primagen's Lightship" (area 6).

Not being a speedrunner by any means, and being the chicken-sh*t that I am on the title, I saved acquiring most Primagen keys for last, so after clearing the "Lightship" objectives, instead of battling "Mother" what I did was to double-back and acquire all the remaining "Primagen" keys. I had all the feathers collected at this point, and unlocked the four safeguards in the lightship so I collected the 6th key, and then I proceeded to collect the ones that I ignored along the way, ending up with one to go from the "Hive".

I got that key, warped back to "The Hub"...and mind you, I did not yet battle "Mother" at this point...and inserted the final key into the center of the hub. The cinematics took over and I was in front of the Primagen who gave its speech before the battle started.

What I'm asking is why I was allowed to completely bypass "Mother" which is normally the boss at the end of the "Primagen's Lightship" ? I've watched a few speedruns of the title and they always seem to include the battle with "Mother"...I'm wondering if this is normal for the title but they find it faster to take that path that they do which of course includes that battle.

Just asking in case anyone who is extremely familiar with the title (and the re-mastered version) knows. Thanks !!


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  1. RTM's Avatar

    Now that I think of it, I'm guessing that pretty much ALL of the "boss battles" can be skipped, and even the totem battles (save for "Port of Adia" and the final "Primagen" battle).

    All you really need to open each level are keys...and all you need to get the nuke weapon is to defeat the dark portals, so you could, in theory, just get what you need and skip back to "The Hub" (or wherever else you need to go) until you have all the primagen keys and the nuke weapon, right ? I'm wondering if a "minimalist completion" was ever considered by the speed runners for the title. Just curious.

  2. RTM's Avatar

    Well, so much for that theory, at least thus far.

    As I knew already, you could not leave "Port of Adia" without all mission objectives completed...but when I went into "The Death Marches" afterwards and got all the keys without completing the mission objectives, the option to warp back to "The Hub" was no longer available.

    Since you can't go thru the end-level portal without getting "Mission Failure" I suspect that at minimum you need to achieve all of the mission objectives...what I am unclear on at present is whether that alone flags the re-appearance of the option to warp back to "The Hub" or not. Will know soon enough, but work-day tomorrow so I have to end gaming experimentation today.

  3. RTM's Avatar

    Well, I've learned that at least for "The Death Marshes" even if you have all objectives completed you still do not see "Thu Hub" as a warp portal option until you complete the end-stage energy totem defense.

    However...you CAN warp to the final warp point in "Port of Adia", take about 60 seconds to reach the end of THAT level and then warp back to "The Hub" where you can start progress on the next stage of your choice (which for me is either "The Hive of the Mantids" or "The River of Souls".

    So...I am 100% certain that a "minimalist" completion of the title is indeed possible as an option for speed runners...at least as far as the "re-mastered" version of the title is.

  4. RTM's Avatar

    I reached the end of my testing...seems like you can skip just about two thirds of the missions within the game and still qualify to meet The Primagen at the end. Here's the absolute minimum requirement to complete the game...and again this is "Turok 2 Remastered".

    Port of Adia - the very first level must be completed...all mission objectives, all keys found including the Primagen key
    Lair of the Blind Ones - all mission objectives must be completed and all keys must be found including the Primagen key

    River of Souls - only the keys must be found, including the Primagen key
    Death Marshes - same
    Hive of the Mantids - same
    Primagen's Lightship - same

    Acquiring any or all of the "Nuke Weapon" pieces is optional...while the extra damage it inflicts helps it is not essential

    The path that I take is 1/3/5/2/4/6 referring to the levels (PoA, DM, HotM, RoS, LotBO, PL)

    You cannot escape to "The Hub" until a certain point has been reached within "Death Marches" if this was the level you chose immediately after completing "Port of Adia"...I'm still not sure why you cannot see it initially but can later on as the level progresses.

    That leaves the acquisition of the feathers which you need to collect and turn in all of with the exception of the fire-walking feather as that one is actually not needed to complete the game whether playing for 100% completion of minimal completion.

    As I am not a speed runner I do not know if this sequence of levels is optimal for a standard 100% completion speed run (all keys, all boss battles, all feathers save for the fire walking feather), but it might be for the minamlist completion. It certainly helps to battle levels 2 and 4 (RoS and LotBO) armed to the teeth with everything save for the "nuke weapon" which cannot be completed until level 6 is finally available, and even then not until at least halfway within the level itself.

    Seemed "incomplete" and a lot less fun reaching the end of the game without completing two thirds of the mission quests or fighting the mini bosses at the end of both HotM and the Primagen's Lightship. That's another reason why I'd never make a good speed-runner...I just don't enjoy "minimalist" completions at all.

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