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05-03-2020 at 12:10 PM
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Stay-at-Home Gaming

Since my state's "Stay-at-Home" mandate went into effect that left me with a few extra hours per day weekdays due to no to/from work travel and to a lesser extent morning preparations.

I decided to apply some of this extra time towards gaming and re-learning and experimenting with several old favourites, most recently "Turok 2" (N64) via www.gog.com in Windows format, and also classic "Pacman".

For "Turok 2" and I am still learning more specifics, I came to the realization that the game could be finished without completing most of the "missions". I'm no speed-runner and actually enjoy playing each element of a game thru but it was nice to discover this after 30 years of thinking I knew it all about the title.

For "Pacman", I was never a great player and to date never broke 400K, but I am learning to play the game better by not using the energizers at all for defense. I run them over early on in the stage and leave most of the dots untouched, this way I have to depend more on movement strategy to clear the balance of the stage. You don't make as many points but it's a great way to learn to play the game without being so dependent on the energizers as a "safety net".

I haven't tried them yet but I also purchased "We Are Billions", "Darq" and "West of Loathing" and they are next on my hit list.

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    Almost forgot that a few weeks back when the "stay-at-home" started I was experimenting with "Depthcharge" on MAME to see what the highest number of times I could sink my boat and still earn the bonus time and finish the game (I think I hit 15), as well as the lowest score while still earning the bonus time (I think I pulled off a 270).

    I might try for the fun of it seeing if I can pull off finishing stage 1 of "Elevator Action" without firing a single shot or losing a life.

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    i remember turok, dinosaur hunting game. i think based on comics. we need more dinosaur hunting at Twin Galaxies

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    what do, i got notified there was another comment now i cant see it. is tg glitching again

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    TG is definitely glitching again, I keep freezing up on the site after every action taken for the past 20 minutes

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    Robert the trick to play high scores on pacman is not patterns. This is what most people believe and assume.

    So they think learn a pattern then you do not need to understand the game.

    This is the biggest error of thinking someone can do in his/her attempt to have a high score (or even a perfect pac-man) on Pac-Man.

    The number one rule will always be for all Pac-Man games is:


    Just use the most "common grouping technique" as per Jon Stoodley grouping technique without using the fancy ones standing on inner walls, move to certain holding points to re-group ghosts.

    "Common group technique" is :

    Using TOP-LEFT quadrant holding wait point to lure off (skim off) the first ghost to upwards while the rest of the ghost follow you going down and up again the"L and reverse L" paths above the ghosts box.

    See Dave video at: "Pacman 6th key grouping"

    Greg Sakundiak

    Jon Stoodley:
    Perfect 'freehand' Pac Man - Arcade - Play Margate 2015 - 1/5

    At 12;25 (wait for reversals to stop)
    At 13:14 (top left quadrant waitt point)

    Do the following WHEN RED ahead of the pack to switch RED to the back of the pack:
    When the front ghost reach inner path entry towards
    TOPLEFT quadrant as on 13:15 (red ghost at point of moving UP.
    Then move Pac-Man to the right side to the right-side-reverse-L" as on 13:17

    When PINK or GREEN are in front of RED:
    Goto the wait point as on 13:23
    Wait for front ghost to just reached to pass Pac-Man (reaching the first dot going upwards), then move to the right.
    Hold in INNER-L at 13:25 for a few milliseconds to force the pevious front ghost that did moe upwards pass you to go down the other passage.

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    Thanks, Francois !! My hope is to learn grouping to some extent for defensive purposes.

    My "pattern" clears out approx 80-85% of the stage and then I just "wing it" for the rest. My biggest problem areas are the two top corners...I have a bit better control over the bottom section.

    I also need to keep closer track on the timing of the reversals...not so much the first one each stage but the following ones.

    When time and work permit I'll revisit the title. I try not to use tricks that others have which I've seen and instead have been relying on what little I have devised on my own...but "grouping" is something I've never really explored.

    Darren showed me years back some tricks on "Ms Pacman", a few of which I remember, but for "Pacman" I've relied on my own limited repertoire of tricks and tactics thus far...thus my low personal best (398K of which 221K was my 1st life dying in the 8th or 9th key, I forget which)

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    Hi Robert

    See my post here earlier on grouping Pac-Man/Ms. Pac-Man on the General Forum Thread. JJT asked some questions 2003 and I have provided answers.



    Back to your way of playing. Sent me a short video via my gmail email (you got it) to understand what "pattern"of play you want to follow to eat energizers first. I will then improve your pattern of pay to eliminate the difficult top corners safely. Could be an interesting different approach.

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    Hi Francois:

    Just seeing this now...I'll send you my WolfMAME INP file which is a good indicator of my strengths and weaknesses in general gameplay.

    I'm not seeking to get all the blue points...but it would be nice to get at least some of the heat off my back in terms of getting the last few dots eliminated.

    I'll send you later this evening...I believe I have your E-MAIL from previous messages that we exchanged.


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    How is your "stay at home going go, Robert?

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