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11-15-2018 at 02:27 PM
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New to Twin Galaxies


I've just recently registered with Twin Galaxies and plan to start submitting some records on the good old Sega Master System 2. I have a couple of questions that the info didn't really answer very well.

1. Other then voting on submissions, is there another way to build up submission points?

2. How long do submissions usually stay open for vote?

3. Any tips for submitting scores?

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  1. GibGirl's Avatar

    1 - Nope, submission points come only from voting on submissions. As a minor aside, you can vote on, and get submission points for, your own submissions. So think of it as a cost of 3 to submit, but one point is refunded if it's a good submission. :)

    2 - The amount of time can vary wildly. It's all based on some secret combination of the number of votes and the credibility of those voting. If a submission gets a lot of attention - especially from the right people - it can complete in just a couple days. If it comes in at the wrong time, is a game people aren't really interested in, is a very long submission, the evidence is a bit unclear, or you're just unlucky, the submission can linger for months. I've submitted a few scores from a single video, all with the same evidence and the same amount of gameplay, all in a batch, where one would be accepted in less than a week, and another take over a month.

    I know it's hard for the first few scores to wait for the submission to complete - you're excited to see your name in that first place slot. But I encourage patience. Unless there's actual commentary in the submission that people want more evidence, then it should still complete even if it takes longer.

    3 - The more evidence you provide that you've played the expected game, on the expected settings, with the expected hardware, the better it is. Good things are to show the console, the game, and the controller, then show the console boot up, the game settings. After the game play make sure the final score is clearly visible.

    I also like to take a screenshot of the video showing the final score and include that, along with list timestamps from the video of the important points - the time I show the settings, when I select the game, and the start and end of the record attempt - especially if there are multiple attempts in a single video.

    I'd suggest trying out some adjudications before you submit. Go into each one thinking "I don't believe they got that score. Let's see if they can prove it to me", and note anything that helps convince you one way or the other. That should really help you when determining the evidence you want to include.

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  2. GibGirl's Avatar

    Also, welcome to TG!

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  3. Snowflake's Avatar

    pretty much everything gibgirl said. if you just want a submission to get accepted, then follow all the rules. if you wanted it to get accepte fast, then go above and beyond. theres things you dont have to do, but if you choose to do it it an speed up peoples willingness to vote. popular games help. sticking around for a while and building up a reputation helps. and of course, being super thorough helps.

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  4. starcrytas's Avatar

    You can gain submission points from quicker submissions like Angry Birds or racing games since those adjudications tend to get accepted quicker than most other submissions.

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  5. GibGirl's Avatar

    Also, I feel like helping others get theirs adjudicated is a good way to encourage people to return the favor.

    My recommendation here is look deep in the queue for submissions that have just slipped through, and not only vote on them, but make good and interesting comments on them. A new post brings it to the front of the queue, sends notifications to any previous posters, and if it gets even basic discussion, keeps it at the front. I feel like there's a fairly significant percentage of submissions where I do this, and it gets accepted within a few hours.

    Quicker submission points for you, and gains good will from fellow TG users. What's not to like? 😉

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  6. sacrieon's Avatar

    Awesome, thanks for all the info and help.

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