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11-19-2018 at 08:18 PM
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How long for Submission points, Credibility, Right Votes to update

A notification saying I've received a submission point and credibility for voting on a game that has been verified.

When i look at my profile, the panel with Credibility and Submission Points has updated.

How long does it usually take to update?

Also this has confused me since starting, Activity has 3 Submission points written under it.

Is this just an example with the formula?

Right Votes hasn't updated either, clicking on it shows the records that has been verified.

Like the above question when does this update?

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  1. admin staff's Avatar

    Hi Sacrieon

    This seems to be a problem in the system service . We will resolve this issue in a few hours


    Admin Staff

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  2. sacrieon's Avatar
    Cool thanks
  3. Snowflake's Avatar

    the 3 sub points are interesting, i noticed you now have 4, i can speculate

    All new users get one free submission (this is not speculation but fact). They have changed how they represent this
    They used to represent a free submission with -1 points, then they changed it to literally the word "free" for your number of points, now it appears they instead just give you 3 submission points immediately (the price of a submission). the fact you know have 4 reinforces my belief that your 3 points you saw were just your initial free submission. so go ahead and submit the score you want to submit.

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  4. admin staff's Avatar

    Hi Sacrieon

    The stats have fixed . Please check and confirm


    Admin Staff

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  5. sacrieon's Avatar

    @admin staff yeah it's updated now but seems to be still missing a submission point and right vote, clicking on Right Vote displays 3 accepted records and right vote is only displaying 2

  6. sacrieon's Avatar

    @Snowflake since registering it's always displayed 3 submission points, but the panel with credibility and submission points was always 0. When i would go to the submit score page it would say i didn't have any submission points, click here to vote on record submissions.

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