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11-22-2018 at 03:26 AM
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Can't upload record attempt 500 internal server error

Trying to upload a new record through the app and it keeps failing, I'm getting 500 internal server error

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  1. JJT_Defender's Avatar

    Contact @SincerelyFranny

    @Twin Galaxies

    They Can Help You

    Make Sure you put the Error Message

    500 Internal Server Error

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    I sent admin a message with the screen shots
    I managed to upload the submission on my pc but made an error with milliseconds and cancelled it. Now I have to wait for some more points to come through from submissions I've voted on :(
    Unless someone wants to be super awesome and donate some points so I can reupload my Olympic Gold, Barcelona 92, Sega master system, 200m Freestyle time of 1:44:4
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