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02-07-2019 at 05:43 PM
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The Ninja Sega Master System 1,924,650 Points Record

Does anyone know if there is any footage of this record archived anywhere?

Quick overview for people who don't know the game

There are 13 levels in the game.

There are 5 green scrolls that need to be collected to open a secret entrance to the last level.

The secret entrance is on Level 10, the game gives you a hint before the level starts on the location of the entrance.

If you have missed a green scroll on a level, once you complete level 12 it will take you back to the level of the scroll you don't have.

If you have collected all the scrolls and don't enter the secret entrance on level 10, once you complete level 12 it will take you back to level 10.

The game will keep repeating until you enter the secret entrance to the last level.

Max points on a level can only be achieved by a 100% hit ratio.

The only way i can see the score of 1,924,650 was achieved, is by replaying the levels over and over before finally entering the secret entrance to the last level.

Which i can easily do to beat the record, my concern is that someone has posted a score on Youtube which is 822,650

The score on YouTube would be pretty close to or is the highest score possible from a perfect game by playing through every level of the game and only repeating level 10 once to enter the secret entrance.

You can go straight to the last level from level 10 if you have all the scrolls and don't need to even need to do level 11 and 12. By doing this, the possible highscore would be even lower.

Hoping there is video evidence to clarify how the score was set, if not what are peoples opinions on the 1,924,650 record?

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    Score entry date of 06/11/04 should be treated with a grain of salt. A lot of weird things were imported to the database on that date. So that does not mean that the score was achieved on that date, nor that a TG ref verified it.

    It appears as though the score was lifted from this issue of EGM:

    So, absolutely no TG verification happened.

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    Oh really, Wow how did you find that article so quick?

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    I can't remember what happened on that precise date as I believe TG was already off the PERL-based system and well into using the newly designed system programmed by Brien King, our then-CTO.

    Occasionally some off-TG scores were added by Walter because he spotted them in some periodical, site or old document even though no validation was performed. He did this a LOT during preparation of the 2nd TG Book of Records when he would farm out chunks of the book in PDF format for proofreading and then all of a sudden as we compared the current vs prior version there were several scores that appeared out of nowhere. One such block came from an Italy-based arcade and contained ridiculously high scores such as 100M on "TacScan" and a bunch of others including what would have been world records on "Hunchback", "Mouse Trap" and more.

    The problem was no validation and they were imported at face value so were removed after complaints from the then-TG Board of Referees.

    Can't know for certain if the inclusion of this 1.9M score back then was from a similar upload as it has been too many years, but anyone who diligently checks the 1st TG Book of Records will find several in there which are taken directly from the default on-screen leaderboards of certain titles. One title, I forget which, had several such scores listed in the 1st BoR, all of which mirrored the same initials as on the leaderboard !!

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    Oh wow that's crazy. The 1.9m is achieveable but i would image it would be classed as leeching or point scabbing.
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    @admin staff how would we go about having this looked into?

    I clearly don't have enough credibility points and the above posts have mentioned previous issues around scores.

    Screenshot from the link, shows the the date from the magazine is 1991 and the scores are submitted by photograph.

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