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06-30-2019 at 02:13 PM
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Wonderboy Arcade differences

I recently played a version of wonderboy on arcade that had some differences, it has gold coffee cups in place of the fries and you don't get an extra life in place of the fourth letter. I can't find much online about it, only an old archive in twin galaxies. Does anyone know what version this?

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    I know very little of the ROMset variances but there WAS a discussion of this in the OLD TG forums.

    The Crams had a boardset where what appeared to be "McDonald's french fries" were an object to pick up. Maybe search the old archived forums to see if you can pull up that thread ?

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    The link i attached is the only reference i can find, i read it properly and it does mention it's a system 2 version.

    I guess I'll find out if there is any difference point wise when i finish it, compared the version with the fries and extra lifes.

    Has anyone completed both versions?
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    Okay so I've found some more infomation on the wonderboy arcade differences. Sega released Wonderboy on to different boards system 1 board and system 2 board.

    These are differences i have found so far
    System 1
    Has Fries and a Extra life in place of the 4th letter.

    System 2
    Has Gold Coffe Cups instead of Fries, There is no extra life in place of the 4th letter.

    These are the only differences i can see so far.

    The question,
    Should there be a seperate track for the system 2 board?
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