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09-29-2020 at 02:18 AM
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The Ninja - Sega Master System NSTC Highscore Attempt

If anyone is intrested i'm to stream The Ninja - Sega Master System NTSC Highscore on Twitch.

I'm going to try and maxout/ roll over the score, the current Twin Galaxies record is 1,924,650 points.

I'll be starting shortly

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    After a few hiccups at the start, the right direction not working on my controller and having to restart trying to get it to work.

    I maxed the score out at 9,999,950 and rolled it over, will submit my score tomorrow.

    Pretty happy with this one, since the score looks like it originally came from an old electronic gaming monthly magazine, back in 1991.

    Thanks @sdwyer138 for providing this link in a previous post.

    Also can't forget @John Riddell for lending me his NTSC Master System

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