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Salim Farhat
10-03-2018 at 10:31 PM
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Wall Entry at 10-04-2018 05:26 AM

Guys, has anyone ever submitted a score and then immediately went on to break their previous record? I just did that with both my Lethal Enforcers II and Slither records. Should I cancel them and resubmit or just let them go through and resubmit later?

I noticed that when playing a game that involved the use of a mouse, whether it's a lightgun or trackball game (like Slither), my records often do get cancelled because when moving the mouse around, the point is still somewhere invisible and only becomes visible when it shows up over the timer on the top right... this is a problem because it did cancel my recording more than once. Even my 'new' record of slither on my computer isn't my all-time best. I once got 70+K (on par with the original arcade game folk in the 80s), but either I didn't start the recording from the beginning by accident, or it got cancelled sometime during gameplay. I did restart a recording to at least prove to myself that I got that far,

What do you guys suggest to prevent this problem in the future? I use the default Windows 10 game recording software (it shows up every time I start anything remotely resembling a video game).

  1. EVN's Avatar

    Just let them roll, once the dust settles your best score will be on top.

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  2. Desidious's Avatar

    Why cancel when there is sp to earn?

  3. xcess dead rew's Avatar

    I did that with my last Dragon's Fury score. The VERY next night I slaughtered it. Let em both go through. It seems kinda odd, but it does help the adjudicators.

  4. Snowflake's Avatar

    cancelling valid scores is rally not good.

    its a real score, and a cancel means you're asking people to vote no on a good score. If anyone doesnt get the nofiication it leads to understandably hurt feelings that they lost cred even though they voted correctly

    I strongly feel cancelling should only be incorrect submissions.

  5. Marcade's Avatar

    Only cancel if you made an error/or typo in the submission. Thats the only reason!!!

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  6. Salim Farhat's Avatar

    Thanks guys. I decided to let these things go through. I will give my new more asskicking scores later to bolster my position on the scoreboards.

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  7. RaGe's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by Marcade

    Thats the only reason!!!

    3 exclamation points. Interesting.

    carry on!!!

  8. Marcade's Avatar

    Quote Originally Posted by RaGe

    3 exclamation points. Interesting.

    Carry on !!!

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