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Salim Farhat
12-31-2018 at 01:08 PM
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Wall Entry at 12-31-2018 08:58 PM

Job search seems to be going fine, and I think I bagged me a new job (don't break out the champagne yet though), and in that relief I feel like I might be able to do one more record for now. It's a quick one since this was a childhood favorite of mine and I played the hell out of this game back in the day: Caveman Ninja.

I always got to the last level but never finished. But now thanks to save states, I can practice where I left off and not have to redo the entire game every time. But there comes the 64$ question: I fear I might end up getting accused of points scabbing in any run.

Let me explain. Simply playing the game on a 1CC, assuming you get as much fruit and other points as possible, will net you around 550K in total. Even some guys on youtube who post their world record spend more time fighting the final boss to get points on killing the bugs he tosses out than playing the whole game.

I figured a way to get the necessary points without employing that trick at the final boss. But that involves another trick at an earlier boss in the game. Now that trick isn't risk free (nothing is) but it is safer and nets far more points than the final stage bug trick (which is riskier and nets fewer points).

To give you some information about the game. The game does have a timer. It slowly drains the player's life bar as a way to force some time along (which is why almost all enemies give some kind of food item when you defeat them). However this life drain halts during boss fights, which means a boss fight can technically continue forever if you don't get hit and/or don't deal the boss any damage.

So what's your advice? I mean the current record holder had to do some of that in order to get a score that high. I want my score to be valid.

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