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Salim Farhat
03-24-2020 at 02:41 PM
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Wall Entry at 03-24-2020 09:12 PM

Trying to best Donn Nauert's record for Alien Syndrome using the information learned from Pete Han. It is taking a lot of practice to get the timing absolutely right for the big zero bonus and getting those 10K chess pieces. I just managed to hit 1.94 million. I had double deaths at some locations, the stage 4 boss and the stage 6 where I was waiting for the right time for the chess piece. Next time I will know to keep my gun firing at all times to make sure I don't get caught off guard. Next time for sure! the 2.27 million mark is all I want. Pete deserves the overall number 1 spot for the information he uncovered about the game.

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    Ahhhh! I nearly did it again! 1.95 million but I died in the most stupidest places imaginable! I had worked so, so, SO hard to get that big score!

    I have to admit, I even figured out how to get ol' Spider Eyes die at zero. It's very hit and miss, but thankfully usually misses at here I land at 1 second instead of blowing up.

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