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Salim Farhat
03-27-2020 at 07:30 PM
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Wall Entry at 03-28-2020 03:20 AM

Holy crap even getting back to 1.94 million is being tough in Alien Syndrome. I realize that I seriously need to work through the 2nd loop to get it down to a T. The 3rd loop I am out of practice with, which is why I am dying so much at it. I am pretty much certain that if I can master the 3rd loop it'll be roses all the way.

Just as a tip for would-be Alien Syndrome lovers. The final boss requires 48 shots to defeat and his death animation requires 3 seconds. If you're on the 3rd loop and want to take the risk for the big 60K bonus at the zero second victory, hit him 47 times and wait until the timer gets to 3. I realize the easiest way to do this is mental math. quickly add 4,800 to your score to get how many hits you need. That is easier because shooting the boss and counting one at at time is awfully distracting and might get you sucked in with his breath clouds.

Either way I need to bag this record because it's tiring me out when I should be studying. I feel like I should be practicing more before going for the run to avoid the stupid deaths on the harder parts of the 2nd loop.

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