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02-24-2018 at 07:24 PM
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Thoughts on having a Mentorship program for new users?

If this has been brought up before, forgive me, I was just pondering it and wanted to get my thoughts out.

There has been lots of talk about how the rules are not clear for new (and seasoned) members. I've seen a handful first submissions from new users that have insufficient evidence packages. There are repeat questions about how things work around here. Etc, etc.

I would propose a mentorship program for new users. It would be completely optional, but could exist if a new user would want to take advantage of it.

Here are my first thoughts on how it could work:

-An existing member would need to have a certain credibility and/or length of membership before they are eligible to be a mentor.
-An existing member could designate in their own settings/profile if they would like to mentor a new user.
-On registration, a new member is given the option to have a mentor if they so choose.
-If the new member elects to have a mentor, one is assigned to them from the pool of existing members who have volunteered.
-The new member is comfortable knowing they have a go to person that can help them out with whatever question or concern they may have.

What do yall think?
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  1. John73's Avatar
    Love the idea and I'd be happy to be listed as a mentor.

    It must be really frustrating to start off at Twin Galaxies with only one submission available only to muck it up.

    Slightly on and off topic, the submission package evidence thing really does need to be looked at more closely IMO. We have this ongoing saga with the Billy Mitchell "MAME" score but at the same time we are still getting scores submitted on various platforms where players, including myself at times tbh, are not going above and beyond to properly document our scores. It is setting a precedence, and a very bad one for new players when those of us who should know better are not doing the basics like filming PCB's, showing the console as well as the boot etc.

    In other words, what is the point in trying to help out the new members with the correct way to collect evidence of their score when they look at long standing, and high ESI members and turn around and say "But he/she didn't do that?"
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