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03-07-2021 at 08:37 AM
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Track / rules discussion - Super Off Road Midway Arcade

This is specific to my experience on the PS3 Midway Arcade Origins release. I have not spent any time on any other version of the game, but I would assume it is the same with any of the various console ports of the Super Off Road arcade game (Midway Arcade Treasures 3), and the arcade machine itself.

I gave this game a few goes after seeing the bounty @RedDawn posted. I noticed that the final $ value score was not consistent with the sum of the podium winnings + bonus money bag pick ups.

For example, here is Damien's game

Race 1 (win) - 1st place prize $100K, bonus money bag $20K

Race 2 (win) - 1st place prize $100K, bonus money bag $30K

Race 3 (win) - 1st place prize $100K, bonus money bag $10K

Race 4 (win) - 1st place prize $100K, bonus money bag $30K

Race 5 (lose) - 3rd place prize $80K, bonus money bag $20K

Sum of earnings $590,000, however the final score is $1,004,000

After playing some more, I found that, starting from a blank save file, I could lose the first race and have a final score of ~$500K, but also I could progress to race 7, lose, and receive only ~$800K.

None of this made any sense. Then I noticed this point on the hints screen of the game:

"Salary based on average track times and number of races"

What does this mean? The final $ value score you receive is not 100% based on your performance on the singular game you are playing. It takes in to consideration all the other games that have been played and are in the save file.

This creates not only an uneven playing field, but the opportunity to manipulate your score. For example, you can spend all day creating long races times by sitting at the finish line and waiting until the last second to come in first, then when you have banked up a significant number of poor average track times, do your best attempt and you will earn more money because in that specific game, your track times are significantly better than the average of all your poor times. The same can be said about doing your very best from a fresh game, because the default track times are very high.

I did some more testing of this: doing my best every time vs doing poorly and then doing my best, each session after deleting the save data. What I found was I received the most money from doing very well the first time at a fresh game, and doing very well after intentionally doing very poorly for several games. I received the least amount of money from doing very well every single time. Each time avoiding bonus pick ups, as to not affect it that way, if that even matters. No, I did not record my specific results.

I want to make it clear this is not a complaint against Damien's score, or anybody else who has achieved a score on the various ports of this game. This is me expressing concern about the score not being calculated in the traditional sense of "what you did in your singular game = your score", and the ability for manipulation this opens up.

My suggestion is to update the rules for all entries of the arcade port of Super Off Road to say, "Score is based on podium winnings plus bonus money bag pick ups". And any score that does not match that value should be disputed.

I am very open to anybody else's opinion on this topic, as well as learning about if it is the same or different in the other releases of the arcade port.

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  1. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    OK, I'm not quite sure how relative this is, but check the ruleset I made for the Off-Road Track Pack.

    It's not the same, in that the "reasons" for the "default necessary" measures, but the same end effect-

    Guessing mebbe the rules there should be to play w/o a memory card type-thing?

    Anyway, as you'll see, on the arcade, initial sets build up money over time, so "money earned" would be irrelevant, to a "single game".

    I doubt that actually helps, but good luck getting it sorted out!

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  2. RedDawn's Avatar

    Im not sure what Rogerpoco means by "initial sets build up money over time". This is all a little confusing to me but I get the basic problem, ones past scores effect new scores.
    I dont know of any way to stop it from saving or turning off any memory card option on the port I play.

    One possible solution to this would be requiring that one enters brand new initials for each game.
    In that case we would need to nuke all scores on all ports of this game, and their would still be the question of the actual Arcade game.

    I have compared other games across ports, Xbox, even the PS2 'Midway Arcade Treasures' games and all the ones I have compared have not only been 100% copies of one another, but seem to be perfect arcade ports as well, so my assumption would be this problem exists even with the actual Arcade version of this game. Not sure if what Rogerpoco's saying refutes that, but that would be my guess.

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  3. Rogerpoco's Avatar

    There has to be some way to "initialize" the game, i.e., access the dip switch settings in game.

    If not, it's a free for all, whoever plays the longest gets to win, IMO.

    But surely there's a way to access the dips, reset the scores?

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